Homemade Mother’s Day Daisy Card

Happy Mother's Day Card

Kids making a card for their mother. I love you…and so much more!

A Homemade Gift for Mom

Download here our template for a fun and loving card the whole family can make together for mom.

Please pass it on to a friend.

Homemade Mother’s Day Card:  How to

Enjoy! For best results:
– Print the Mother’s Day card on stock (heavy-weight) paper.
– Print several of the Petal sheets.
– Let the kids do their magic. Help as needed while allowing for SoSooper finishing – the kids’ imperfection is what makes this card perfect for Mom!
– Cut out petals and paste them onto the background.
– Let the kids choose whether to place a heart or the yellow center in the middle.
– Offer to Mom with a kiss.