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What is a SoSooper Solution?

A doable parenting tip to help

– families overcome challenges
– moms and dads get out of a rut

A good SoSooper solution clearly explains what to do.  Good solutions respect BOTH parents AND the children simultaneously.  (Our Advisory Board reviews contributions before they get posted.)

A great SoSooper solution includes a real-life example.  It’s like the story of how those images transformed morning rush chaos into a smooth getting-out-the-door-on-time process.

Superlative SoSooper solutions (!) help parents learn more deeply by providing insights into different perspectives. 

  • Show research to explain the science behind the success of your tip
  • Tell the story from a child’s viewpoint. “My boys told me ‘Good morning’ makes more sense now that you stopped screaming at us to leave for school on time.  What an eye opener!”

An Example – HELP! Morning Rush

“Clarify expectations with images”

Click on image to zoom.

How to

What the solution entails and
how it works

SoSooper Solution

An example

Proof of success:
it worked for them

SoSooper Solution Example

Science bit

Brain science insights to explain how these solutions work

SoSooper Soluttion Brain

Kid’s View

A child’s observations when this new solution is put in practice

SoSooper Solution kids