As we close the year, it’s good to look back and see how far we’ve come.

Especially when it has been a challenging year, like it has been for us.  We embarked on 2017 with wide eyes and ginormous dreams.  To our surprise (!) they only partly came true.

You are here arrow not there!

The truth is, some goals we missed AND other objectives we reached.    To move forward, it”s vital to keep those in clear focus.

Sometimes we stare so long at a door that is closing that we see too late the one that is open.
Alexander Graham Bell

Here are the 2017 strengths upon which we can build 2018.

SoSooper App Prototype Testing

Our vocation is to help parents and children thrive.

Individually & Together.

At home & at school & at work.

Our small team developed a mobile app prototype and tested it this summer.  We learned that the content is valuable AND that the app flow require radical rethinking!  In January we are organizing parent focus groups to move forward.  Join us by writing us here.


Screenshots SoSooper App
Your personal parenting coach in your pocket


SoSooper Parent & Child Workshops

“Can I do it with my child?” ranked among parents’ most frequently asked questions.

So we developed workshops for parents and children together to apply Positive Discipline and other positive parenting tools immediately and through fun and games.

Our hope is to include learning from these enjoyable family moments into our app solution.

Discover our upcoming events to

  • Make & reach goals – for parents, for families, & for teens
  • Calm anger

SoSooper Website Launch

You can benefit from our tips and tools as of NOW!  The blog is active and we are posting free downloadable tools to make family easier and more fun.

Check out these favorites

Joy. Peace. Love. @ Home

Advent Calendar for Parents

SoSooper partnered with other Parisian entrepreneurs to offer tips and tools to fill your homes with more joy, peace, and love during the holidays.  We created an online advent calendar for parents.  Every day one entrepreneur offered a generous prize.  Readers clicked on the “door” of the day and played for the opportunity to have their name drawn for the day’s prize.

We are thankful to our sponsors who collectively offered more than 1000€ of prizes.

1000 € gifts to win with Advent Calendar for Parents

Thanks to all of you who played with us and wrote thanks for the tips and the treats.

Here are the prizes below.  Click on the image and you’ll discover the day’s theme and more about the gift.


1. Gift Certifiaction Calm Anger


2. Gift Certifiaction Poke Bar


3. Gift Certifiaction Listen So Kids Will Talks


Cookies from Maman NYC


Happy Child.


Feelings faces by Sunflower Storytime


Family Coaching


Family Yoga Class gift certificate


9. Gift Certifiaction Create a feel good spac (4)


Trousses Colibri de Beija Flore


Gift of respect of kids


12. Gift Certification Give a Gentle Answer (1)


13 gift (1)


Gift Certificate Elli Photography


TooFruit products


16 gift


Ludocatix chore chart


18 gift


Family Review


Relaxation Candle


champagne toast with friends




23 gift


Ruth in Full health
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