re-Connect with your kids

Transform challenges with children into family harmony

feel better
behave better
learn better!


thrive & grow
with their kids

About SoSooper

Who we are

We are trained parenting professionals with a passion to help families thrive.

How we work

We partner with parents to provide science-based, certified counsel from trained professionals.  Moms and dads get answers fast.  Find proven and healthy solutions to their issues.  Get mentoring to ensure lasting, positive change.

We provide

• One-on-one coaching for parents
• SoSooper App
• Workshops for parents & children TOGETHER
• Workshops and group coaching for parents

About Denise, SoSooper CEO

As a mom of 4 boys and a Harvard MBA, my job felt relaxing and home was…work!

That’s when I realized that leaders have tools to build their teams, and as a mom I wanted One. Great. Unique. Family. Team.

As I discovered ways to enrich family relationships our family prospered…and I wanted others to benefit too.

That meant helping moms and dads discover new approaches to building cooperation AND supporting them while they apply the parenting expertise around their kitchen table.

It’s easy to be the parent we want to be when all goes well. But what about when the kids stretch you to your limits?

SoSooper helps parents to be both firm and kind simultaneously.  You are the parent you want to be.  Harmony reigns in relationships.

It’s simple, convenient, and effective with SoSooper:

• coaching online at your convenience
(like during a 15-minute break),
• time efficient solution-finding,
• answers to the “little” questions that make a “big” difference
(What do I do NOW?)

My boys are grown now.  SoSooper is the new babe.

SoSooper values

Respect of child
No shaming or blaming

Respect of adult
Parents define limits

Strong relationships
Family for life

Age appropriate
Enjoy today

SoSooper expertise

Positive Discipline

Building respectful relationships

Montessori Education

Learning through discovery

Digital Security

Using technology with limits

Appreciative Inquiry

Inclusive strength-based change

Clinical Psychology

Strengthening emotional health