How perplexing for a parent when his child bursts out in anger!

Where did THAT come from?

How to calm the fury?

How to avoid the anger?

Do you know?

Our brain – yours and your child’s – cannot reason when overcome with emotion.
That’s why we need to connect emotionally before we can “talk reason” to our child.

Parent + Child Workshop Program

We will develop emotional vocabulary through a fun story and movement around the room.

Next comes some arts & crafts as the children create their emotions chart.

Family Emotions Chart home-made

We also engage parents and children in a discussion about a Feel Good Space so that home includes a spot for calming down so that we can return to a delicate subject with a positive frame of mind.

Positive Discipline Feel Good Space



Practical Details

  • When:    Saturday, March 17 from 10:00 to 12:00 am
  • Where:      at Claudine Olivier crèche de demain, 22 rue Edgar Faure, 75015 Paris
  • How much:    25€ per parent + child duo
  • With:    Denise Dampierre (me) – Positive Discipline educator,
    Mom of 4 boys, Harvard MBA


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