Pop Quiz for Parents:  What does “Report Card Time” mean in your home ?

  1. When I discover a new facet of my child and how (s)he acts in school
  2. When I am overwhelmed with STRESS. Yes, SOSOOOOOOOPER-STRESSED!
  3. Report Card? What’s that?  When I am interrupted in my TV program to sign a useless piece of paper
  4. When I praise my child
  5. When I criticize my child
  6. When I compare the siblings. Sometimes I do it to movtivate one kid to start working.  Other times I compare and feel so guilty about it but just can’t help myself.
  7. When I despair because my kid does not give his best and does not seem to care about it
  8. When I feel like a good parent because my child gets good grades
  9. When I feel like a good-enough parent because my child gets better grades than his/her buddy
  10. All of the above
  11. None of the above
  12. It changes every day and with every kid and I am confused/frustrated/discouraged.


What if Report Card Time could be a moment of deep sharing and mutual learning?

“Euuuuh.  Hello?”

What if your child could admit his concerns, maybe even fears, and open the door to confidence-building opportunities in your family.

What if your kid would experience your unconditional love for him as a person AND that because you love him you have expectations for his efforts.

Cease Fire Over School Grades

Cease Fire Over School Grades does just that.  This online seminar helps parents and children together

  • recognize achievements
  • clarify goals
  • make a plan to reach them effectively


Sample grade self-evaluation


What is it?

It’s ½ hour of time well spent.  Transform weeks of nagging about school work into succinct responsibility-building reminders to help kids be motivated to do their best.

We address three issues:

  • Clarify parental expectations
    We initiate a discussion using cooking analogies to help kids understand how parents define quality work. Is eating raw eggs and flour the same as savoring a freshly baked cake?    In the same way, what’s the difference between presence in class and being an engaged student?
  • Listen to students and have them to explain their position
    “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Many students feel they are doing “fine.”  We encourage the kids to define “fine” through a self-evaluation process.  Parents and kids get to explore these predictions together at a time when both are calm.
  • Motivate students to progress
    The child’s self-evaluation provides a benchmark. We prepare the youth and parents to interpret the Report Card in light of this guide.  Where should Mom & Dad give their child more breathing room?  Where is the child’s system (“I’ve got it under control.  Let me do it my way.”) objectively underperforming?

With whom? How?  When? How much?

Our online seminars are for parents AND their children.  These facilitated family discussions are led by Denise Dampierre, founder and CEO of SoSooper Families.

  • Join a group online seminar. See our Calendar for upcoming dates.  Participation is $20 per family.
  • Schedule an online seminar just for your family. Send your request and date preferences.  We’ll work it out.  Personalized seminars run $40 per ½ hour.

Sign up for our Cease Fire over School Grades online seminar to get kids motivated to do their best.