It has been an honor to interview C-suite executives and a privilege to hear others speak at conferences.

May you too benefit from their insights.  Click on the image to read more.

Avancer dans sa carrière avec l’intelligence émotionnelle – Conseils d’Isabelle Roux-Buisson

How Emotional Intelligence Advances Careers – insights by Isabelle Roux-Buisson

Preparing 21st Century Leaders – Insights from Olivier Guillet at Sciences Po

People will Make Fun. Choose How – Insights from Clara Gaymard, ex CEO GE France

7 Tips for Managing Remote Teams – from Dominique Grelet, Group VP AI at Atos

Intergenerational Communication That Works – Insights from Dem Dx

Embracing Differences without Conflict – from Steven Sels, CEO Primagaz

12 Riches of Diversity – Insights from Steven Sels, CEO of Primagaz France

How to take risks with confidence – Insights from Elisabeth Moreno, CEO France of Lenovo

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