It has been an honor to interview C-suite executives and a privilege to hear others speak at conferences.

May you too benefit from their insights.  Click on the image to read more.

What does cultural transformation look, sound, and taste like?! Insights by Juan Amat, GM JDE Coffee

Avancer dans sa carrière avec l’intelligence émotionnelle – Conseils d’Isabelle Roux-Buisson

How Emotional Intelligence Advances Careers – insights by Isabelle Roux-Buisson

Preparing 21st Century Leaders – Insights from Olivier Guillet at Sciences Po

People will Make Fun. Choose How – Insights from Clara Gaymard, ex CEO GE France

7 Tips for Managing Remote Teams – from Dominique Grelet, Group VP AI at Atos

Intergenerational Communication That Works – Insights from Dem Dx

Embracing Differences without Conflict – from Steven Sels, CEO Primagaz

12 Riches of Diversity – Insights from Steven Sels, CEO of Primagaz France

How to take risks with confidence – Insights from Elisabeth Moreno, CEO France of Lenovo

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