We’re continuing the seven part series on Whacky Cooking Techniques that transform a chore into a game.

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  • Your memories will turn out absolutely divine

Once you’ve tried our hilarious cooking-with-kids tips, you’ll be hungry for our cleaning up ones too! (Read more)

Play Catch to Juice Citrus

What to drink with such a feast? Lemonade!

Whether you have an ultimate citrus presser or not, first prepare your lemons’ squeezability. Soft and malleable citrus generate more juice.

A simple game of catch-the-lemon does the trick. We definitely prefer this technique during the warm months when such “cooking” can be taken outside, but the living room cleared of the fragile trinkets does the trick too.

Show the children that you take this job seriously by testing the squeezability. “You’re getting there. Three or four more tosses and it will just right!”

Best kinds of recipes for this technique:

Lemonade.  Orange or grapefruit juice.

Anything with lemon (or orange or lime) juice:  fish, soups, guacamole, pico de gallo (we use red onions marinated in lime juice) , jams, fruit salad (yummy with freshly tossed and squeezed juice)…

Mom and daughter playing lemon toss

Mom and daughter playing lemon toss

Girls playing lemon toss


For greater efficiency (and to double the excitement) try tossing two lemons simultaneously!

Yes, boys love this kind of cooking too.  🙂

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