We’re continuing the seven part series on Whacky Cooking Techniques that transform a chore into a game.

  • Your meals will taste delicious, comme d’habitude (just as usual)
  • Your memories will turn out absolutely divine

Once you’ve tried our hilarious cooking-with-kids tips, you’ll be hungry for our cleaning up ones too! 

Write Love Notes

What if the blunders were really opportunities? (Read more.)

We love writing in spilled flour.  Before it gets grimmy, give yourself and your tyke a grin with some sweet messages.  Use words or signs.  The important message to communicate remains, “I LOVE YOU.”

It works just as well with frosting blobs that you can turn into hearts.  Why not try with splotches of ketchup or barbecue sauce too?!

Mistakes into opportunities

I Love You

Discover more parenting insights from baking mishaps here!

Great Cooks Clean Up

Don’t you know the two ESSENTIAL characteristics of GREAT COOKS?!

  • They wash their hands
  • They clean up


Clean up after cooking

Read more about taking the bore out of the chore during clean-up time.

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