We’re continuing the seven part series on Whacky Cooking Techniques that transform a chore into a game.

  • Your meals will taste deliciouscomme d’habitude (just as usual)
  • Your memories will turn out absolutely divine

Once you’ve tried our hilarious cooking-with-kids tips, you’ll be hungry for our cleaning up ones too! 

Beat to the Beat

I learned this technique to scramble eggs while on a camp-out.  We were cold and wanted a warm breakfast.  I don’t know how our leader carried those eggs without breaking them!  She proceeded to fill up a jar with raw eggs and danced around the campfire shaking those jars.

Yes, years later, I still remember the sight…and decided to reproduce it in our home.

What fun!

Crack eggs or pour (pre-measured) liquids directly into a jar. Firmly close the lid (and keep cover in place with your hand for accident-prevention). Shake your booty and shake that jar.

For best results, blast KC & the Sunshine Band’s tune “Shake your booty” to fully get into the cooking rhythm.

Boy cooking, breaking eggs

Mom and son cooking. Scrambling eggs

Boy cooking and dancing

Boy cooking and dancing

Boy cooking and dancing

Best Recipes for this cooking technique:

Scrambling eggs for savory dishes:  omelettes, quiches, beating eggs for meatloaf, burgers, or steak tartare (!)

Beating eggs for sweet specialities:  making crepes, cakes, or cookies…

Mixing liquids like making salad dressing.

We keep whipping up the fun.  Click here for the next hilarious episode on our Wacky Cooking Techniques Tour.

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