We’re continuing the seven part series on Whacky Cooking Techniques that transform a chore into a game.

  • Your meals will taste deliciouscomme d’habitude (just as usual)
  • Your memories will turn out absolutely divine

Once you’ve tried our hilarious cooking-with-kids tips, you’ll be hungry for our cleaning up ones too!

2. Chop with a Mallet

“Can I get the plastic hammer please?!” the kids invariably pipe up when I take out a bar of cooking chocolate.

In France, we don’t have the chocolate chip selection available in the US. We have one model: 8 oz bags of dark chocolate chips. So we make our own…with a mallet!

Place the desired amount of chocolate into a zip-lock bag. Lay the closed bag on a cutting board. Swing the mallet down, aiming at the chunkiest pieces. And that’s how you get truly perfect chips: made with love and each one is unique. Just like your kids :-)

Noise reduction tip:

Slide two to three folded dishtowels under each end of your cutting board. The fabric will absorb the vibrations… keeping the serious-faced adults from barging in to check that you’re not breaking the house down.

Best kinds of recipes for this technique:

Chocolate chip cookies, chocolate chip pound cake, chunky brownies

Anything with chopped nuts

Recipes which require a pestle and mortar (alternatively try a rolling pin)

For cheese chunks for pizza or salads (freeze cheese for 15 minutes before putting it under the hammer)

Quick crumble topping or cheesecake crust by chopping up sugar/cinnamon/ginger cookies

Bread crumbs from  toasted bread…

Fun cooking with kids. Chopping chocolate




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