We’re continuing the seven part series on Whacky Cooking Techniques that transform a chore into a game.

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Knead with Squeeze

We make home-made pizzas so that we can knead the dough…by playing catch.

Playing with food is usually a “no-no” chez nous (in our home), but we make an exception when kneading dough.

Play as a team and toss the dough to each other across a table, With each catch, give the dough an extra squeeze. Play for at least five minutes.

Cleanliness Tips: clean the floor beforehand :-), and give bonus points for keeping the “ball” from dropping.

Best kinds of recipes for this technique:

Pizza dough…add pizzaz to your regular recipe by including spices or condiments: tomato pizza dough (replace water with tomato juice), curry pizza dough (add curry powder), barbecue pizza dough (blend in barbecue sauce), “herbes de provence” pizza dough…

Great EVENTS for this technique:  Birthday parties, when the neighbors come over, communal events….

Boys kneeding dough playing catch
Kids kneeding / pounding dough
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