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Free “Quick Fix” Coaching Call with Denise Dampierre, Positive Discipline parent educator and founder of SoSooper

Among the most frequent questions I get from parents is, “How can I get my child to calm down?”

It’s uncanny how an adult can feel disarmed by a child lost in a tantrum.

Take heart!

With a few solutions in your pocket, you can feel confident to connect with your child…even when they “lost it.”

(And these tools can help YOU coooooool down when you feel on the verge of explosion )

Coaching Call for “Quick Fix” Anger-Calming Tools

You just experienced a harried situation?  You DEFINITELY don’t want to relive it the same way next time?!  Give a “Quick Fix” call.

It’s 30 minutes over the phone to share your situation and get tips to move from “HELP!!!!”  to “Hope ????

How it works

  1. When you have a “Help” moment, you call.  If I’m free, we’ll talk or we’ll set up a meeting.
  2. You’ll share the delicate situation;
    I’ll share several amazing Anger-Calming tools;
    you’ll choose one to try, and
    we’ll do a role play to help make the tool work for you.

The goal is to reconnect FAST and to transform this challenge into a gifted opportunity for growth…albeit a present in wrapping that’s well disguised!  

SoSooper is about become the most super we can be by learning from our mistakes.  We’ll drop the perfection-pretense and get right down to some practical solutions to speedily (re)connect positively with your child.

And, did you know that blown fuses can be AVOIDED?  Learn more about Positive Discipline and this approach to build cooperative and respect-filled relationships.  

Anger & the Brain

Check out this child-friendly video by Jeanette Yoffe to learn about you and your child’s brain and how it changes with anger.

Ask for a Hug

Try this.  It works incredibly to calm kids’ anger.  This is a tool from Dr. Jane Nelsen, the founder of Positive Discipline.

  1. Take a DEEP breath.
  2. Get at eye level with your child.
  3. Say, “I need a hug.”
    Avoid saying the child needs a hug. By requesting one yourself, you share warmth with your upset child AND you give him control.
  4. If your child refuses to budge, ask again, “I need a hug.”
  5. If your child still resists, leave him alone saying, “When you are ready, come and find me. I still need a hug.”
    Usually your child needs a hug just as much as you do.  He craves to belong!
  6. You just averted a power struggle ???? and enabled you to calm down (a bit).  You also enabled your child to calm down.
  7. If the child’s tantrum is in a public place, your request for a hug will have probably calmed your child enough to join you to go to a discreet spot.

How and why does the above tool work?  That’s what we explore in parenting training.  In the meantime, enjoy that it does result in speedy reconnection.


More to Come

Psst…more parenting gifts to come on the Parent Advent Calendar. Stay tuned!

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