What would your home look, feel, and sound like with more kindness?


We can always benefit from additional kindness.  How do we get it? How do we grow it?

SoSooper is taking a creative perspective on the richness of kindness.  What if the medium of exchange in our homes were kindness?

Mom offers Son benevolence when he spills his milk and patiently teaches him to clean it up.  Dad listens with forbearance as Child bemoans the broken toy.  When he reminds her that the treasure broke because she and Brother fought over it, he does so tenderly and extending grace.  Parents remain courteous while resolving a conflict.  Daughter accepts to set the table with good will.  Parents affectionately wish their Teen a fun outing AND remind her amiably of her curfew

What You Gain

Join us as we take an entrepreneurial look at growing kindness.  We’ll explore

  • Identify your family’s awesomeness and your behaviors favor the IN-COME of kindness
  • Take stock of the words and actions in your household that are at the EXPENSE of “gentillesse.”  These are your oppertoooniteez to lurn.
  • Plan fun ways for the entire family to BENEFIT from your growing solicitude.

We’ll follow how the B____ kids who, through their ultra-cute lemonade stand, gain more mon(ey), more fun, and more yum(my)…all because they built on the foundation of kindness.

We conclude every seminar with a practical application.  This time, participants make Kindness Gifts.

White boy thanking black woman

What is it?

It’s ½ hour of time well spent in rich parent-child discussion.   This is an online event for parents with their children. You connect through the Internet from the comfort of your couch and cuddle up with your kids.  We guide you in a family discussion and a simple craft.

With SOSOOPER Web-Workshops

– Moms and dads establish a framework .
– Kids get heard.
– Everyone wins.

 With whom? How?  When? How much?

Our online seminars are for parents AND their children.  These facilitated family discussions are led by Denise Dampierre, founder and CEO of SoSooper Families.

  • Join a group online seminar. See our Calendar for upcoming dates.  Participation is $20 per family.
  • Schedule an online seminar just for your family. Send your request and date preferences.  We’ll work it out.  Personalized seminars run $40 per ½ hour.

Sign up for our Grow Kindness online seminar to help family blossom with encouragement and a doable steps to be helpful, considerate, and thankful.

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Thank you for the workshop and for your dedication to help our family grow happier and stronger…

We just had a great time together doing this, the children and I loved taking that moment to tell (and write down) to one another that we love eachother and what we appreciate most. The children asked for more of it, so I wish I can find more to print on your web site.
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The workshop was great: the theme was clear and catchy.  I presonally appreciated the parallel with the business development.  It made it clear that the success our family is tied to our input of love and joy.

The illustrated slide show is good too:  clear and simple.   We got your message:  there is value (intangible and even tangible) to investing time together to demonstrating love.

[av_testimonial_single src=” name=’Helen’ subtitle=’Great for me & my 3 year old’ link=” linktext=”]
My daughter was probably a little bit young (only 3) and I think was struggling to really engage with the activities. However, even though she dealt with it on her level, I think she still got a lot out of the experience – and found it nice that it was a time where mummy was ready to listen to her and find out what she found fun and loving about being in our family.

This workshop reminded me that we do all right as a family (eating together, playing together, respecting each other). As I’m sure you know only too well – it’s a tricky job, mummying, and can seem very unrewarding sometimes. If I were a business, (actually I’m a secondary school teacher) I wouldn’t put up with clients who were so demanding and so seemingly ungrateful for all my efforts. I think what you’re doing is so important – just like in any job, you have training for that ‘shot in the arm’ of enthusiasm and clarity to do your job better every day. Parents need that more than anyone!

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Workshop parents and kids together