Have you seen Barbie’s Dream Gap Project video?

Little girls remind us (parents, teachers, and bosses) of the differing expectations between girls and boys.

  • Girls are three times less likely to be given a science-driven toys
  • Parents search half as many searches for “Is my daughter gifted?” than for “Is my son gifted?”

How BIG do we girls dream? And that applies to girls of all age.

What will YOU do Today to #CloseTheDreamGap ?

Here is how I am doing my part to close the dream gap TODAY.

Actions Supporting Women

Below is my personal action plan.  What is yours?

1. Thanking five (5) women who are working in technology

  • A woman senior executive from HP and other tech firms who mentors me
  • A female manager at Google who leads a team of data analysts, including women
  • My female webmaster who keeps the SoSooper site looking and working smart
  • A female engineering student who works with one of my sons. I don’t know her well, but I know her well enough to wish her courage
  • Elisabeth Moreno whom shared her insights on taking risks with confidence on this blog

2. Encouraging three (3) women who are facing a challenge. You can overcome!

  • A woman who has overcome violence and is now an entrepreneur
  • A loved one struggling with Parkinson’s disease
  • A teenager who lost her mother to overdose

3. Learn something “techy” myself

  • I am proud to share that the tools page for SoSooper is up and running. I did it myself…last week.  So for today…
  • I am boosting my negotiation skills. I like the approach of David La and James Sebenius in 3-D Negotiation.  They promote having a win-win mentality (prerequisite), seeking creative deal designs (mutually satisfy interests), AND setting up the right scope, sequence, and processes (claim & gain value in the short & long term).

Actions Preparing Boys

Even as the mother of boys (I have 4 sons) we have a role to play in closing the Dream Gap.  How do the kids – of every gender – help with chores?

“Honeys, how will you be treating the brilliant and ambitious women you will be attracted to?  Like a maid?!  Get real.  Learn how to treat her with value.  Do your own ironing.  Clean your own room…”

For Christmas, I even offered them gift certificates for cooking and sewing lessons so that they could be independent.

Teach boys to cook

What step will you take today?

Cover image from Barbie Dream Gap Research

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  1. Such a wonderful initiative and happy to be one among those you remembered! Cheers Denise 🙂

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