Dear Readers,

Thanks to those of you who answered our Mother’s Day survey. ¬†It was a first and we learned

  • from our mistakes
  • about your challenges
  • how you, mothers, are deeply loved (play¬†with¬†the interactive image below)

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Some insights

Learning from mistakes

“Bloopers” open the way for Blooming

More than 175 of you began the survey and only 50 of you finished it! ¬†We tried to make the survey cute and pretty…it ended up being complicated!

K.I.S.S.  Keep It Simple Sweetie works at home as well as with surveys.  Good to remember.

[bctt tweet=”K.I.S.S. ¬†‘Keep It Simple Sweetie’ works with every¬†audience of any¬†age.¬†Valuable & respectful philosophy.”]

BIG Mom Pains = Chores & Organization

Even with our small response group, you CLEARLY indicated the challenges of getting life done. ¬†You also indicated that children are not often part of the solution…yet ūüôā

We are working on how to help alleviate your challenges in the couple (2nd most stressful) and those with the kids through ways to encourage children to help at home.

“I Love You Mom & I know you love me.”

Enjoy playing with the image below which depicts the ways kids know they are loved and the ways they share their love for you.  These answers are weighted.  Some highlights:

Words children use to say I love mom

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  1. They feel loved (and love Mom back) when they receive your attention.  Being listened to and being seen ranked high in importance.
  2. Love is recognized though smiles and joy-filled expressions.
  3. Kindness ranked higher than hugs!
  4. Wild cards
    • As the mom of 4 boys who spent inummmmmmerable hoooooouuuurs in the kitchen, I loved¬†the tykes who appreciated mom’s cooking ūüôā
    • This answer generated a reaction deep in my soul: ¬†when¬†kids knew they were loved because mom trusts them. ¬†Only a sprinkling of families mentioned this. ¬†May¬†our SoSooper tools¬†build mutual trust chez vous and chez moi too.

Loving Thoughts make life easier

They’re a great discipline and encouragement tool….and post them on your fridge.

To discipline kids without policing

Try it with humor when your child misbehaves.

“Remind me, darling, which way are you tell me that you love me?”

To encourage children

Let the image be your reminder to share how you feel.

“When you smile and dance, I know you feel loved and THAT make ME feel absolutely marhvelooos dahrling!!!”

With many thanks and deep appreciation for your time on the survey.


Cover photo by London Scout on Unsplash

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