Today’s Gift on the Joy. Peace. Love. @ Home advent calendar for parents

Six Nutty Chocolate Chip Cookies
from Maman NYC à Paris

Cookies from Maman NYC

How to get yours?  Take today’s quiz (Click on today’s number and “Click to play”) on the advent calendar and YOU could be the lucky one who’s name gets drawn to receive the offer.

Maman’s cookies are sosooper big and delicious, they are toooo much to keep to ourself.  The team, led by Antoine, are happy to offer cookies for you AND some to give to the folk next door.

…AND a visit to Maman Café is a gift that you could even offer yourself ????  Come on over…and invite a friendly “voisin.” (neighbor in French).


Good Neighbors Matter for Parents

Life as a parents is a LOT EASIER with positive relationships with the neighbors.  Here is how.

Good Neighbor Relations for Parents of Babies

True story.

This note was placed on the doormat of our neighbors.

“Dear Neighbors,

Hi.  I’m Paul.  That’s me in the photo between my two older brothers.

I’m very sorry you were frustrated by my cries last night.  Let me tell you, I was frustrated too!  I tried to tell my parents what was wrong, and they did not understand.  I tried harder.  And then harder again.  (That’s when you banged on the wall.)

I’m trying hard to teach my parents what I’m saying.  I hope they’ll learn quickly.  I guess you do too.

Well, maybe we’ll see each other around…when I’m smiling.  In the meantime, I wish you well.”

Good Neighbor Relations for Parents of Kids

True story.

Request at the neighbor’s door.

Hi.  I’m sorry to be ringing in the evening after dinner.  You see, it’s our son’s birthday tomorrow and tonight he proposed pancakes for breakfast…only we ate our last eggs at dinner!  Could we borrow two eggs, please?

Good Neighbor Relations for Parents of Teens

True story.

Conversation with a previous neighbor who moved to another part of town.

Neighbor: “Hi.  I saw your son in our new quarters the other day?”

Parent: “Oh, yes…?”

N: “Yeah.  On Friday in the middle of the afternoon.  He was hanging out with friends….”


Conversation between parent and teen.

Parent: “Hi darling.  I ran into our previous neighbors and they said they saw you.” (pause)

Teen: “Hum.”

Parent: “Yes, on Friday in the middle of the afternoon.  When do you have math class, again?”

Teen: “OH!  Friday!  I remember!  YES!”

Parent: “O.K. What were you doing?  What was happening?”


Maman NYC in Paris – the Story of Neighbors

It’s the story of a French baker who opens up a bake shop in New York City, and out of his oven pop   American staples with French flair.  And more bake shops pop up too, the latest one in Paris.

Maman serves “Cake” (in France this refers to pound cake), coffee and tea all day long and delicious sandwiches for lunch.

How do they blend US & French cooking?  Try their Carrot Orange Pound Cake.  YUM!  No cream cheese frosting.  Simply an icing of white chocolate.

Their Totally Nutty Cookies rank as my favorite for dessert and coffee.  You’ll win over your neighbors with these, for sure ????

In Paris, Maman is located at 118 rue de Turenne in the 3rd arrondissement.  Open Tuesdays through Saturdays from 10:00 to 19:00.  The café is tucked inside Mona, the co-working space for women by My Little Paris, AXA Insurance, Estée Lauder, and Nike.


Mona & My Little Paris – the Story of Neighbors

Have YOU received your Parisian experience, wrapped up “à la Française,” delivered to your mailbox?  That’s the My Little Paris specialty: the best of the City of Lights brought “chez vous.”

Neighboring is in their essence.  A group of five women, they launched the company that uncovers delights of Parisian “quartiers” (various parts of town) and share the news.  As they prospered, they sought to share success with a larger community of entrepreneurial women.  Supported by AXA Insurance, Nike, and Estée Lauder, My Little Paris birthed Mona, a space for women to gather and grow their businesses together.

And did you know?  They launched the American Quarter Hour!  Fifteen minutes of pause from computer and phone to be daring American-style and introduce yourself to your co-working neighbor!


Come on over to Maman Café at Mona to taste their Totally Nutty Cookies and bring some home for your “voisins.”



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