Having a TOUGH time with a colleague, team member, or boss?  And movng them out of the team is not an option?

Discover these practical tools to stop a vicious relational cycle…and to possibly turn it completely around!  Click on the image to read more.


“Help! I’m Losing It!” Article from Message Magazine

Share Tweet LinkedIn Email It’s a delight to share the excerpt of my article from the fall 2015 edition of the Message Magazine.  Enjoy! Help!  I’m “Losing It!” “It was automagic, Mom…” According to my four sons, spilled milk is automagic, so are the bite marks on a sibling’s arm, and so is my teen’s phone […]

Build Kids’ Confidence with Chores

Share Tweet LinkedIn Email Today’s Gift on the Joy. Peace. Love. @ Home advent calendar for parents 1 magnetic Chore Chart for parents & kids together from Ludocatix   How to receive this gift?  Take the fun quiz on the Parent Advent Calendar today and you could be the lucky one to win the draw. “What […]

Talking Virtues and Values with Kids without Preaching

Share Tweet LinkedIn Email When our eldest child was three years old he popped this question: “Are you friends with all of the people at work?” I answered simply for his age and already envisioned deep discussions on friendship, respect, and,yes, even office politics! Then time zooooomed by and I finally paused long enough to […]

Family Feedback from Kids

Share Tweet LinkedIn Email Do you know what your kids LOVE about your family?  When did you last ask and really listen? How about the ONE THING that would hugely improve family life for them? We often get their feedback through passing comments like: “Thanks for the cookie.”  (aaah!) “Brush teeth?  I did it….yesterday.”  (huh?) […]

Family Feedback from Kids – Parent Prep & Follow Up

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When Students Encourage their Teachers

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Help Teens Dream…and Make their Goals Come True

Share Tweet LinkedIn Email Everything I needed to know about parenting teens, I learned at the Harvard Business School. I’m only kind of kidding. Let’s start with strategy & action plan… …and market segmentation.  To sign up or go directly to the download , click below. Related

Everything I Needed to Know About Parenting I Learned at Harvard Business School

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Protected: A Parent Coach in Your Pocket

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Encourage Appropriate Behavior in Kids: Parenting Tips inspired by Snow!

Share Tweet LinkedIn Email It has been snowing all week.  Every day.  All day.  Every night. We go to the mountains to have snow, but deeeeep down, here is my real wish:  I awake every morning to optimal ski conditions.  Abracadabra. Snow fall, ski slope grooming, and snow plowing would have all happened during my […]

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