Today’s Gift on the Joy. Peace. Love. @ Home advent calendar for parents

50% discount on a Family Photo Shoot
by fashion photographer Elli Ioannou

How to receive this gift?  Take the fun quiz on the Parent Advent Calendar today and you could be the lucky one to win the draw.

At Christmas time many families rush to pose for The Family Photo they can send out along with warm wishes for the season.  The number of pictures one needs to take to get everyone smiling…or not!

Old Family Photo

What about catching those moment?  The expressions of joy, wonder, hesitation, play, and even frustration that parents notice every day yet the camera misses them?

Mood swings

Peaceful girl

Happy girl


The family gaze

boys with energy


girl on beach


Love of life

girl on beach
Elli proposes to capture both a group shot and glimpses of precious moments during your family photo shoot.

Memories Matter

Yes, we do impact the shape of our brains according to what we remember.

How does our brain work?  Very simplistically, the neuron cells in the brain are composed of the soma (the bulb which holds the nucleus), an axon (“cable” to transmit messages) and dendrites to receive the messages.

The more a certain part of the brain is activated, the more elaborate the dendritic system develops to be able to receive the transmissions.

The more you think happy thoughts, the more you develop the neurological connections to send and receive pleasant memories. 

The more we concentrate on faults and critique, the more we develop our neurological ability to notice what’s wrong.

We train our brain to seek the positive viewpoint or the fault-finding one.

So, what highways of communication will you develop in your brain?  A focus on what’s going wrong or a remembrance of those moments that work out well?

French vs. English tendencies

Earlier this month on the Joy. Peace. Love. @ Home advent calendar we asked a question about encouragement.

What do you find most difficult in the encouragement process?

  • Taking time to pause and observe
  • Noticing something positive in your child
  • Expressing the positive observation
  • Helping your child apply this strength in other circumstances

We have been doing this calendar in two languages – French and English.

55% of the French (vs. only 15% of the Anglophones) responded that the greatest challenge was to observe a positive attribute in your child.

Start developing the physical capacity to observe your children’s strengths through Elli’s photos. 🙂

Gift Certificate Elli Photography

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Cover photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash.  Above by Markus Spiske on Unsplash.  Old photo by Allwell.  Other photos by Elli Ioannou

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