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Communicate Positively even Under Stress

What response do you generate in other people when you are under stress?

Participants will discover their stress-management strategies and how these impact other people.  We define action-steps to replace stress-inducing behaviors with ways to invite collaboration and moving forward.

Manage the Unexpected Reactions

How do you handle an emotional reaction at work?

Many of us have been taught to ignore our feelings, especially in the office.  And yet, they surface:  an angry outburst, a sense of injustice and difficulty letting go, a personal issue which impacts performance…

This workshop presents tools to manage emotions (our own and those of others) and to reorient volatile exchanges into productive discussions.

Pitch Yourself (Personal Branding)

Know your strengths and communicate them quickly, effectively, and anytime

Through personal reflection and group activities, participants pinpoint their top value-adding qualities and learn to quickly present them with affirmation and impact.

Build Emotional Intelligence

Discover the influence of emotions on decision-making and how to garner them to build creativity, collaboration, and competitiveness.

Participants will practice self-awareness and learn skills to manage their own emotions to foster mutual respect, cooperation, and positive results.

Step Back & Gain Fresh Perspective

Take stock on life and work to set clear, meaningful, and doable objectives

Every participant creates his personal review of his career and life.

We take stock on the important facets of each participants’ work and lifestyle and his satisfaction level in each.  From this overview stance, we identify levers to foster professional and personal development and create a personal action plan.

Lead Effective and Motivating Meetings

Learn ways to keep the meeting productive and focused WHILE building a sense of belonging within your team.

We discover tools to prepare a productive meeting, to set and maintain a constructive tone and rhythm, to secure helpful contributions from all participants, to conclude with specific action steps, and to earnings for all.

Resolve Conflicts with Colleagues

Disagreeing constructively spurs creativity and innovation.

In this workshop we establish a culture of cooperation and transmit practical tools to create understanding, identify feasible and helpful options, and select a way to benefit from differences.

We practice this solution-finding process on a real-life user case proposed by a participant.

Negotiate Difficult Conversations Constructively

How to give sensitive feedback in a way that BOTH respects the company’s need for performance AND the employees’ needs for respect?

Participants learn tools to build a culture of trust which invites innovation and creativity. We adapt the entrepreneurial mindset to challenges, transforming them into opportunities to learn fast and progress quickly.

Active Listening - How To

The way we listen impacts what people communicate with us. 

In this workshop we explore various listening and feedback styles and how these create open communication or build barriers.

Through activities and role plays, participants discover the perspectives of all communicating parties.  We learn and practice relationship-building tools which build engagement and contribution.

Conference Speaker

For Leadership

Get Wise Communicating with Men at Work

Discover the science behind gender-specific communication styles

Tired of being labelled as “bossy” or “too emotional”?

Discover scientific and sociological research which highlights gender-unique communication styles and ways women unintentionally sabotage their career.

Learn communication tips to build credibility and effectiveness.

Avoid these 7 Unintentional Signs of Disrespect at Work

Could unintended communication be keeping you below the glass ceiling?

Discover actions, phrases, and body language that (possibly unintentionally) create disconnection and label someone “unpromotable,” despite their recognized talent.

Learn tips to rephrase communication to get your message across the way you want it understood, with mutual respect.

How the Internet Transformed Skills Required for Success

How have work relationships changed with the Internet?

The access to data impacts how people interact…and therefore the skills required to succeed in the professional environment.

Learn what leadership styles meet the evolving needs of teams in the Information Age.

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Engage Your Team - the Democratic Leadership Style

For Working Parents

Managing Gen Y @ Work and Gen Z @ Home
Parenting in the Information Age
Introduction to Positive Discipline

One-on-One Coaching

For Professional & Personal Relationships
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Situations:  Help! Communication is blocked between you and a colleague or a personal relationship.  You want to know how to reconnect NOW.

Strong Relationship Plan

Situations:  You spend too much time resolving conflicts.  You seek positive communication with a colleague or family member so that you connect respectfully, find solutions together, and succeed through cooperation.

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