Today’s Gift on the Joy. Peace. Love. @ Home advent calendar for parents

2 haircuts for children offered when Mom gets her hair cut
by Adrien Bracon, Coiffeur à Domicile, Hair Stylist at home

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Your gift today.  One. Hot. Hairdo. Chez Vous. By Adrien Bracon.
Adrien is providing a discount for a regular woman’s cut (today for 60€) as well as the trim of two children’s hair for free.

Stylish from Head to Toe

When I was pregnant with our first son, I wondered if I could keep up my style.  Do mothers continue to walk in high heels and wear snugly fitted skirts with bangling jewels?

One of the joys of living in Paris is seeing chic mothers strut the street. Dressed in the latest fashion (with legs adorned in Gambettes from My Little Paris!), they push strollers along, wave good-bye to children going off to school, pause outside the bakery as the kids buy the daily baguette…

They’re stylish from head to toe.

These women LOOK stylish from head to toe BECAUSE they mastered key fashion accessories:  the hair-cut and the shoes.

Attention to detail with head and feet transform your look.  They change the way you walk and hold yourself.  And even a simple T-shirt takes on a fashionable turn when you wear it with a flattering coiffure and trendy footwear.

Adrien Bracon – How To

Boy getting a haircut
Adrien Bracon “coiffer-ing” at home

You can read about Adrien in Elle magazine where he was featured when he left Jean-Marc Maniatis haute coiffure hair salon to launch out on his own as a Coiffeur à Domicile, hairstylist at home.

Our family has enjoyed his art and company for decades.  Here’s how it goes:

Schedule the Appointment

We schedule a rendez-vous (usually via text messaging) about one week in advance.  He snips and styles all six of us (Mom, Dad, and four hair-conscious boys) in one sitting.

Easy Preparation

In preparation for his arrival we set up a stool in the living room (we have wooden floors.  Other folk transform a bathroom or the kitchen into the hair salon).  Do prepare a flat surface nearby where he can put his equipment.

Adrien arrives with the protection to wear during the cut and with his scissors, fragrant water for spraying, and mirror to admire the results.

Master Technique

His technique and training enable him to cut hair when it is dry.  It makes salon-at-home easier for you and me too.

Great with Kids

A father himself, Adrien, is experienced in working with children too.  They are more relaxed getting their hair cut in a familiar and comfy environment.  And, since they have been able to play and cuddle with you right up until snip-time, your tots are in prime shape.

Bye, bye the “Hush.  Behave yourself!” at the local salon.

With Adrien you get a quality cut, casual conversation in cozy comfort.

On our family’s heads, Adrien has “Carte Blanche.”


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