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Say, “I Love YOU”

Today’s Gift on the Joy. Peace. Love. @ Home advent calendar for parents

3 fruit-based skin care products especially created for kids
from TooFruit  

How to receive this gift?  Take the fun quiz on the Parent Advent Calendar today and you could be the lucky one to win the draw.

Children’s Skin

When our babies were born, we all rushed to the “baby care” aisles for the creams and lotions specifically designed for the fragile skin of our newborns.

Years pass…and we are still applying baby lotion to our children when they enter the teen years and changes in their complexion clearly reveal the need for an adapted skin care routine.

Zut (“darn” in French)!

Zits (“pimples” in English)!

But what about those years in between?

Katell Perrot, mother of 3 children, and biochemist Stéphane Lafond researched children’s skin and discovered that between the ages of 6 and 12 years, our kids’ skin lacks the ability to self-protect.  Children are not able to create a hydrolipidic film to naturally protect their skin.

That’s why they founded TooFruit, to provide children with the care their skin requires: more nutrition than baby products, and more protection than lotions for adults.


TooFruit products

A Touch of Fruit

Besides, children delight in the delicious scents of TooFruit’s fresh fruit, organic skin treats.

It’s a way to say, “I love you,” to provide the skin care that’s best for our kids.

The Touch of Love

Gary Chapman, in his Five Love Languages series, shares that individuals express AND RECEIVE love in a unique way.  We each have a preferred love language.

As an American living in Paris, I fully relate to the notion of a preferred language.  Although I converse fluently in French, my deepest thoughts are more easily expressed in English.

Similarly, people receive love through a variety of preferred means and Chapman presents these five:

  • Loving Touch
    We know we are loved through a caress, a hug, a kiss.

  • Gifts
    We know we are loved when people remember us with a present, even a small one like a note, or buying our favorite fruit.
  • Services Rendered
    We know we are loved when people do things for us like help to fold the laundry or fill up the gas tank.
  • Shared Experience
    We know we are loved when folk enjoy spending time with us as in watching a movie together.
  • Words of Affirmation
    We know we are loved through the ways people notice our strengths and encourage us.

The Loving Touch

Chapman remarks that a majority of men and boys respond best to the loving touch.

A hug a day can keep the doctor away!

Sian Beilock, Ph.D., psychology professor at The University of Chicago and an expert on the brain science behind performance failure under pressure, further asserts that a daily dose of loving touch helps ward off sickness.

A daily dose of hugs and loving touch helps ward off sickness. Click to Tweet

Yet as our kids grow older it can feel more awkward to coddle them.  A ten year old already pleas mom and dad to stay out of sight when we take them to school!

15 Fun Ways to Share a Loving Touch with your Child

Enjoy our list of ways to love your child with an age-appropriate Loving Touch.

  1. Massage their limbs after exercise.
    Try it with TooFruit 🙂 Smells yummy.
  2. Give a good morning smooch.
    Try 3 kisses: one for each word, “I love you!” He’ll ask you what that was about, and you’ve been given the invitation to tell him.
  3. Draw a love message on their body…like on their knees.
    Klutz body crayons makes it easy and hilarious!
  4. Teach your child to cook and show him with your arms around him.
    Transform a chore into an opportunity for intimacy.  You’ll be feeding your emotions as well as your tummies.Mother son licking beaters
  5. Play bump-into-you. 
    “Excuse me; there is just no room here!” Dad pretends to squirm through a crowd when it’s just the two of you…and it turns into a hug.
  6. Give a rub-a-tub-tub.
    It’s a towel massage when princess steps out of the bath. “Wrap” her up and bounce her on her bed.
  7. Roll him up in his comforter.
    Place junior in the middle of the bed with the comforter on top. Roll him towards you and tuck in the far cover. Roll him over the other way and tuck in the side close to you. Settle him on his back (with comforter edges secured under him), lift feet and tuck in the bottom edge. Snuggly!
  8. Give her a face massage when you say good-night.
    Loving bedtime routines assure her of your caring presence.  A gentle face massage relaxe stress from the facial muscles. That makes sleep come easier!  Try TooFruit‘s face creams.
  9. Cuddle together on the sofa.
    Ideal when watching a movie or reading out loud.
  10. Put your arm around his shoulders when you ask how school went.
    Even pre-teen and teenage kids do accept a brief and casual embrace.
  11. Twirl together and be joyful.
    A loving touch all around. It’s no wonder they’re expressions like “dance with joy.”
  12. Go swimming as a family.
    Pool games like “climb on me” or “throw me higher” offer lots of healthy skin-to-skin contact…and photo opportunities.
  13. Hold hands while you pray or envelop them in your arms.
    Double whammy the love. Yours and God’s combined.
  14. Tumble together.
    Wrestle. Give them a bear hug. Don’t let go!
  15. Let them give you a “farty” kiss.
    The smooch that makes a “Pffft” kind of noise. My son tried to give me one tonight and laughed so hard he couldn’t finish the kiss.  We all roared…and felt loved.
Woman gently holding vulnerable child

Give a Gentle Answer

Today’s Gift on the Joy. Peace. Love. @ Home advent calendar for parents

Family Tickets to the “Calm Anger” Parent + Child Workshop
from SoSooper 

How to receive this gift?  Take the fun quiz on the Parent Advent Calendar today and you could be the lucky one to win the draw.

Today’s gift invites BOTH disagreeing parties to join in fun activities and guided discussions to

  • Clarify the issue of dispute
  • Identify triggers to outbursts
  • TOGETHER find solutions to gain agreement
  • Make a routine chart to stay on track

Parents and children leave with a practical action plan to BOTH avoid outbursts AND resolve them quickly when they happen.

And it’s fun!


WHO is the REAL opponent?

The parent, the spouse, the child, or the issue?

Isn’t is amazing how a simple issue can suddenly escalate into a battle between parent and kid?  In our coaching we hear worried parents ask, “What is wrong with my child?… What is wrong with ME?!”

Take heart.

“Children who argue have good character qualities like persistence, perseverance, determination, creativity, and an ability to communicate ideas. The problem with arguing is that your child views you as an obstacle.”

Dr. Scott Turansky and Joanne Miller, in Good and Angry: Exchanging Frustration for Character in You and Your Kids!

How to get out of arguing with children?


Boxing girl by Frank deKleine


Let parent and child partner together in finding a solution.

It takes two people to have an argument.

And BOTH arguers contribute to the disagreement and BOTH can orient the exchange towards peace.

Miller and Turansky remind us that the subjects we argue about are often not THAT important.


Images by Madi Robson from Unsplash, SoSoooper, and

Woman gently holding vulnerable child

Répondez avec Douceur

Le Cadeau du Jour sur le calendrier de l’avent Joy. Peace. Love. @ Home

Billets Gratuits pour l’atelier “Calmer les colères” pour parents + enfants ensemble.
de SoSooper

Comment recevoir ce cadeau ? Faites le quizz amusant du Calendrier de l’Avent pour Parents aujourd’hui, et vous avez l’opportunité de gagner le cadeau grâce à notre tirage au sort. N’hésitez plus, la chance est avec vous !

Voici un aperçu de l’atelier. A travers des jeux et des activités en famille, vous aborderez des discussions enrichissantes :

  • Clarifier les differends
  • Identifier les déclencheurs de crises
  • ENSEMBLE trouver des solutions pour obtenir un commun accord
  • Faire un tableau de routine pour rester sur la bonne voie

Les parents et les enfants repartiront avec un plan d’action pratique pour éviter les crises à la maison ET les résoudre rapidement quand cela se produit.

Et c’est amusant !


QUI est le RÉEL adversaire?

Le parent, le conjoint, l’enfant ou le problème?

N’est ce pas incroyable de voir comment un problème simple peut soudainement dégénérer en une véritable bataille entre parent et enfant ? Dans notre coaching, nous entendons des parents inquiets demander : “Qu’est-ce qui ne va pas avec mon enfant? … Qu’est-ce qui ne va pas chez moi” ?!

Gardez l’espoir !

“Les enfants qui se disputent ont certaines qualités de caractère comme la persévérance, la détermination, la créativité et la capacité de communiquer leurs idées. Le problème de la dispute avec votre enfant, c’est qu’il vous voit comme un obstacle.”

Dr. Scott Turansky et Joanne Miller, dans Good and Angry: Exchanging Frustration for Character in You and Your Kids!

Comment sortir des disputes avec vos enfants?

Boxing girl by Frank deKleine


Laisser le parent et l’enfant s’entraider pour trouver une solution.

Il faut deux personnes pour avoir un argument.

Et les deux arguments contribuent au désaccord. Néanmoins les deux peuvent orienter l’échange vers la paix.

Miller et Turansky nous rappellent que les sujets sur lesquels nous nous disputons ne sont souvent pas si importants.


Images de Madi Robson sur Unsplash, SoSoooper, et

laughing child

Smile … all day

Today’s Gift on the Joy. Peace. Love. @ Home advent calendar for parents

3 beauty pouches “Colibri” (just the right size for lipstick or pencils)
from Beija Flore  

How to receive this gift?  Take the fun quiz on the Parent Advent Calendar today and you could be the lucky one to win the draw.

Trousses Colibri de Beija Flore

Beija Flore is offering THREE pouches.  Will you change your lipstick pouch with the seasons … or enjoy a mother-daughter duo…or give one to your mother-in-law (with a smile, of course)?  Thanks to their generosity, you get to choose.

Beija Flore makes practical pouches with beautiful Liberty fabrics.  Colorful, they are easy to find in the purse.  Stylish, they are delightful to pull out in fpublic.  Practical, they fit the necessities for mom and child

Beauty pouch necessities for maman:

  • a lip pencil,
  • a small mirror
  • several lipsticks

Beauty pouch necessities for child:

  • a few band-aids
  • a tube of arnica granules.
    Arnica speeds up healing…and the slightly sweet granules melting on a child’s tongue soothes physical and emotional “booboos” alike


Life-Changing Power of Smiles

Did you know that a smile changes life?

Harvard Business School professor, Amy Cuddy, shares in her TedTalk how “faking it” (the smile) enables one to make it (to stimulate happiness hormones so that we authentically feel better.)

Smiling people attract attention.

As a start-up I attend multiple events with notable speakers…and, after their talk, I regularly go up to comment.  People recognize me.  “I saw you in the room.  You were smiling.

And a smile makes a difference for your child too.


Changing Home-life with Smiles

Try this.

Call your child over.


They might come hesitantly.  When you and I call our children’s name it is often for what they might interpret as “bad news”:  a chore to be done, a request to hurry, a correction…

This time, when your kids responds to your summons, just smile at them.  With your lips, your eyes, and your tone of voice as you share how wonderful it is to have them in the family.

Smiling Results

As you do this occasionally, several changes occur;

  • A new you – you become aware of your tone of voice as you call the children. Next time you want them to pick up their dirty shoes from the front hallway, you might even call them over to first smile (connect), then clean up (correct)
  • A new response from the children – Can we blame the kids for dragging their feet when they know it’s for parent-imposed work? Wouldn’t you respond differently if you wondered, “What will they have to say this time?”

One Mom’s story

One mother shared this:

We live in a house with a spiral staircase.  I’m often in the kitchen and the children are upstairs.  I used to feel that I was shouting at them all the time to come down and DO (set the table, do homework, pick up…)

Then I decided to call them to BE together.  Instead of shouting (!) their name while standing at the kitchen sink, I would physically move my body to the bottom of the stairs where I could speak their name and they could hear it.

They would scramble down…and I would pat on one the steps so we could look at each other eye-to-eye.

Mom: “Tell me one great thing about your day, darling.

And we spoke for one or two minutes.  Just the two of us.  Without the interruption of his brother and sister.

Mom: “Thanks, sweetheart.  Enjoy playing…and remind me, what happens when the buzzer rings?”

He’s already running off while answering, “Clean up toys!”

The volume went down in our home, the chores still got done, and the joy went up.

One Child’s Story

And here’s what another child shared:

“I like it when you have that lip stuff.  I can see your smile when you’re far away.”

Don’t leave home without your lipstick snuggled into your Liberty fabric lipstick pouch 🙂

Family coaching paradigm

See through Someone Else’s Eyes

Today’s Gift on the Joy. Peace. Love. @ Home advent calendar for parents

One hour of Family Coaching
with Jane Mobille, PCC Professional Certified Coach working with executives, individuals, and families 

How to receive this 1 hour off on a Family Coaching session?  Take the fun quiz on the Parent Advent Calendar today and you could be the lucky one to win the draw.

What is Family Coaching?

Family coaching benefit

A family coaching session is a special kind of confidential conversation between a coach, and a family wishing to explore a specific issue causing tension among members at home. The coach receives the family with compassion, curiosity, and non-judgment. Each member of the family has the opportunity to share their perspective on the situation while the others listen. The coach leads the family in an exploration of choices and impacts. The goal is to come up with a few actions to implement in order to reach a solution which satisfies the needs of each family member.

As the teen shared with Jane in his text message:  PHEW!


The Generational Paradigm Gap

Do you expect your children to share your priorities?

We often hope so. In an ideal world, the children would brush their teeth without needing reminding, they would be ready on time to go to school, and they would be motivated for school work and have a vision for their future.

Reality check.

Our children like to play, get distracted and want attention, and simple tasks can take forever to accomplish.

Parents and kids see the world through different lenses. This paradigm gap creates stress in families.

Today’s gift helps create bridges between the mother, father, and children’s perspectives.

smiling teenager with parents

Jane is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) currently coaching executives at Kedge Business School and leading her own practice for executives, individuals, and families. She especially enjoys coaching teens and young adults as they build confidence, make intentional choices, and live a life of curiosity.  Jane is a contributing author for the online magazine, INSPIRELLE, and editor of AAWE News.

In short, Jane excels in communication:

  • listening,
  • expressing herself,
  • helping you and your children listen, and
  • creating a safe environment to express yourselves.


What Does my Child See?

A friend, Vincent Cassigneul, recently took this picture

  • Of a blurry Eiffel Tower
  • Of a clearly focused man taking a picture of the Eiffel Tower

Vincent Cassigneul Eiffel Tower

Vincent chose to focus on the admirer of the Eiffel Tower in her flashing glory, as opposed to the monument herself. We usually see this majestic monument towering over Paris, occupying center stage.

Did he “get it all wrong”? Did I?

Or should we be asking a different question?

The Wife and Mother-in-Law go to Harvard

An optical illusion used by Stephen Covey further helps us understand that process.

In his book 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Covey shares an example from a Harvard Business School class. Everyone was shown the same optical illusions. ONLY he had prepared people differently. One half of the class had previously seen a sketch of a haggard, old woman and the other half had been given a drawing of a chic lady.

optical illusion used by stephen coveyWell, half the class found the woman in the optical illusion attractive and the other half quite the opposite. Tensions rose over the disagreement.

Finally, some students began to ask questions, and listen.

“See this line. That’s the old woman’s mouth.”

“Oh, for us it is the chic lady’s necklace!”

And exploration ensued until all the students could identify BOTH women depicted in the optical illusion.

Are you and your child at each other’s throats unnecessarily too?

Try asking questions to understand your child’s perspective.

A tool, like this optical illusion or Vincent’s photo (graciously made available to us, thank you), can help launch the discussion.

Parent to the child: “What do you see?”

Child answers.

Parent purposefully and playfully takes an opposing stand. “What?! This photo is NOT about the Eiffel Tower!” or “This is a drawing of ONE. O.L.D.  woman.”

Let your child react.

Then explore.

“Tell me what you see and point with your finger.”


How to start?!

This conversation sounds easy, but it’s harder to launch in real life.

(That’s where Jane Mobille’s family coaching brings resolution to communication blockages and harmony returns to the family.)

Try starting these paradigm discovery conversations at home.

Want the Wife and Mother-in-Law optical illusion and the photo of the Eiffel Tower?  Sign up here and we’ll send them to you tomorrow….along with the news of who won the Family Coaching special offer by Jane Mobille.

Jane can be reached at

Maman NYC in Paris

Make Friends with the Neighbors

Today’s Gift on the Joy. Peace. Love. @ Home advent calendar for parents

Six Nutty Chocolate Chip Cookies
from Maman NYC à Paris

Cookies from Maman NYC

How to get yours?  Take today’s quiz (Click on today’s number and “Click to play”) on the advent calendar and YOU could be the lucky one who’s name gets drawn to receive the offer.

Maman’s cookies are sosooper big and delicious, they are toooo much to keep to ourself.  The team, led by Antoine, are happy to offer cookies for you AND some to give to the folk next door.

…AND a visit to Maman Café is a gift that you could even offer yourself ????  Come on over…and invite a friendly “voisin.” (neighbor in French).


Good Neighbors Matter for Parents

Life as a parents is a LOT EASIER with positive relationships with the neighbors.  Here is how.

Good Neighbor Relations for Parents of Babies

True story.

This note was placed on the doormat of our neighbors.

“Dear Neighbors,

Hi.  I’m Paul.  That’s me in the photo between my two older brothers.

I’m very sorry you were frustrated by my cries last night.  Let me tell you, I was frustrated too!  I tried to tell my parents what was wrong, and they did not understand.  I tried harder.  And then harder again.  (That’s when you banged on the wall.)

I’m trying hard to teach my parents what I’m saying.  I hope they’ll learn quickly.  I guess you do too.

Well, maybe we’ll see each other around…when I’m smiling.  In the meantime, I wish you well.”

Good Neighbor Relations for Parents of Kids

True story.

Request at the neighbor’s door.

Hi.  I’m sorry to be ringing in the evening after dinner.  You see, it’s our son’s birthday tomorrow and tonight he proposed pancakes for breakfast…only we ate our last eggs at dinner!  Could we borrow two eggs, please?

Good Neighbor Relations for Parents of Teens

True story.

Conversation with a previous neighbor who moved to another part of town.

Neighbor: “Hi.  I saw your son in our new quarters the other day?”

Parent: “Oh, yes…?”

N: “Yeah.  On Friday in the middle of the afternoon.  He was hanging out with friends….”


Conversation between parent and teen.

Parent: “Hi darling.  I ran into our previous neighbors and they said they saw you.” (pause)

Teen: “Hum.”

Parent: “Yes, on Friday in the middle of the afternoon.  When do you have math class, again?”

Teen: “OH!  Friday!  I remember!  YES!”

Parent: “O.K. What were you doing?  What was happening?”


Maman NYC in Paris – the Story of Neighbors

It’s the story of a French baker who opens up a bake shop in New York City, and out of his oven pop   American staples with French flair.  And more bake shops pop up too, the latest one in Paris.

Maman serves “Cake” (in France this refers to pound cake), coffee and tea all day long and delicious sandwiches for lunch.

How do they blend US & French cooking?  Try their Carrot Orange Pound Cake.  YUM!  No cream cheese frosting.  Simply an icing of white chocolate.

Their Totally Nutty Cookies rank as my favorite for dessert and coffee.  You’ll win over your neighbors with these, for sure ????

In Paris, Maman is located at 118 rue de Turenne in the 3rd arrondissement.  Open Tuesdays through Saturdays from 10:00 to 19:00.  The café is tucked inside Mona, the co-working space for women by My Little Paris, AXA Insurance, Estée Lauder, and Nike.


Mona & My Little Paris – the Story of Neighbors

Have YOU received your Parisian experience, wrapped up “à la Française,” delivered to your mailbox?  That’s the My Little Paris specialty: the best of the City of Lights brought “chez vous.”

Neighboring is in their essence.  A group of five women, they launched the company that uncovers delights of Parisian “quartiers” (various parts of town) and share the news.  As they prospered, they sought to share success with a larger community of entrepreneurial women.  Supported by AXA Insurance, Nike, and Estée Lauder, My Little Paris birthed Mona, a space for women to gather and grow their businesses together.

And did you know?  They launched the American Quarter Hour!  Fifteen minutes of pause from computer and phone to be daring American-style and introduce yourself to your co-working neighbor!


Come on over to Maman Café at Mona to taste their Totally Nutty Cookies and bring some home for your “voisins.”


Child in front of Christmas presents

Co + Work = Joy. Peace. Love. @ Home chez vous

Il était une fois des entrepreneures parisiennes qui ont rêvé de vous offrir un calendrier de l’avent pour vous, les parents.  Et cette petite germe a poussé…

et nous vous offrons 1000€ de cadeaux (!!) à travers un calendrier de l’avent interactive et en ligne.  

(Vous pouvez vous y inscrire sur le calendrier en français or the one in English.)

Voici notre histoire…

Tout a commencé avec Mona

Quand cette escape gratuit de co-working a ouvert en Novembre, j’ai saisi l’opportunité de travailler dans ce cadre féminin et dynamique.

Un grand MERCI à tous les sponsors : My Little ParisAXA InsuranceEstée Lauder, and Nike qui nous ont accueilli dans leurs locaux du 1er Novembre au 31 Décembre 2017.

Que peut-on faire dans un espace de co-working qu’on ne peut pas faire à la maison tout seul ?


Cinq minutes après avoir franchi la porte d’entrée, je me suis présenté à la femme assise à ma table. A vrai dire, elle y était installée confortablement et, avec le sourire, je lui ai dérangé pour lui ai demandé si je pouvais me joindre à elle. Je me suis fixé un objectif : rencontrer cinq nouvelles personnes tous les jours.  J’ai découvert des femmes passionnées travaillant sur des projets captivants.

Quel projet captivant pourrais-je construire pour partager ma passion : que les familles puissent rester soudées malgré les crises de colère, la désobéissance des enfants et les frustrations de la vie quotidienne ?

Un “CO” project!

Il fallait une raison d’être

En tant que coach parental formé aux principes adlériens, j’enseigne les principes d’appartenance et de contribution à une communauté avec un sens, une raison d’être.

Donc quel but pour notre collaboration potentielle?

A cette période de l’année, Noël me semblait une évidence. Et pourtant, les Français critiqué son côté trop commercial.

Cependant nous nous retrouvons autour du sens de Noël : la joie, la paix et l’amour.

Nous, les parents, nous sommes ceux qui Les parents amènent la joie et la paix à la maison.

Voilà!  Joy. Peace. Love. @ Home


Plus fort ensemble

Enthousiasmé par l’idée, j’ai découvert un magnifique calendrier de l’avent en ligne créé par Jetez-y un coup d’œil. Une période d’essaie sur le site m’a permis de tester le service et de le présenter aux collaborateurs potentiels.  Le service de est top : Tom m’a proposé un guide personnalisé de 30 minutes afin de comprendre le fonctionnement du logiciel et Pedro répond à mes nombreuses requêtes de manière efficace et professionnelle.

Enthousiasmés par cette outil, 15 entrepreneurs ont décidé de m’y rejoindre.

C’est un plaisir de vous les présenter.

(Pour connaître les cadeaux, rendez-vous tous les jours sur Joy. Peace. Love. @ Home)

Denise Dampierre, fondatrice de SoSooper

En savoir un peu plus sur moi : Diplômée d’un MBA de Harvard et mère de 4 garçons, je décrirai les premières années de la parentalité comme la gestion de l’énergie.  Faire se dépenser les garçons; et préserver la mienne. Ensuite, nous nous concentrions sur “la création de souvenirs positives” et la création d’une culture de famille où tout le monde prospère. Ma passion: aider à élever la prochaine génération d’hommes et de femmes remplis de joie, travaillant pour la paix, et sachant aimer.

Adrien Bracon, Coiffeur à Domicile

Formé chez Jean-Marc Manniatis, Adrien coiffe mes cheveux depuis des années.  Lors de ses visites, nous transformons notre salon en salon de coiffure. Au lieu de trimbaler quatre enfants au salon de coiffure et d’attendre que chaque enfant passe, nous passions ce temps à se blottir chez nous pendant qu’Adrien coiffait toute la famille. Il est si talentueux, je lui laisse carte blanche concernant ma coiffure.

Alice Lamotte

Mère de quatre enfants, Alice et moi nous sommes rencontrés grâce à la Discipline Positive.  Nous recherchions toutes les deux une formation pour construire des maisons coopératives et respectueuses … d’abord chez nous puis au-delà. Alice regorge d’énergie. Elle allie santé physique et bien-être socio-émotionnel dans son coaching Gym & Talk. 


J’ai eu connaissance de Béatrice Cornet Vernet via Femmepreneurs,, un réseau de femmes entrepreneurs dans l’Ouest de Paris. Je suis tombée amoureuse de ses accessoires en tissu Liberty. Béatrice était parmis les premières à participer à notre aventure sans s’être rencontré face-à-face!

Chantal Bourges

J’ai rencontré Chantal lors d’une conférence internationale de Discipline Positive.  Nous étions “roommates” ce qui permet de bien se connaître. Mère de cinq enfants, Chantal a siégé au conseil d’administration des Associations de Discipline Positive France et International. Elle encadre et forme les parents et les enseignants localement et internationalement.

Elli Photography

J’ai rencontré Elli Loannou à Mona.  Egalement une Anglophone (Elli est originaire d’Australie), elle adhérait aussi à l’aspect «CO» du coworking. Elle est installée en tant que photographe de mode  et est formée aux photos analogiques. Cela signifie qu’elle saisit L’ instant (pensez aux enfants). Elli a été enchantée par notre projet collaboratif; “Je choisis de travailler avec cette communauté ! » a-t-elle dit.

English Dream Cakes

En tant que membre du groupe Facebook Anglopreneurs, j’ai, un jour, été captivée par une photo de gâteaux décorés de manière délicate et magique. Le message est venu et est parti. L’image est restée. Et c’est une JOIE d’échanger avec l’équipe mère-fille Cheryl et Dew. Elles mélange la douceur avec le professionnel. Incorpore la créativité et étale la générosité abondamment. Le tout servi avec un délicieux sourire.


Amanda Wigby et moi avons appris à nous apprécier les uns les autres grâce à … du «feedback» ! constructifs. Nous nous sommes mises au défi de surmonter les différences qu’il y a souvent entre notre «Talk» (les services que nous fournissons) et notre «Walk» (comment nous exprimons notre expertise dans la vie quotidienne). Authentique, ouverte d’esprit et visionnaire, Coach Amanda nous aide, vous et moi, à remplacer le comportement «je devrais» par l’action sur nos priorités personnelles.

Light On

Un groupe d’étudiantes de l’ISCOM qui m’aide dans les coulisses de ce projet. Corriger mon français, donner leurs avis, faire du design, rester actif sur les réseaux sociaux et m’encourager. C’est en sachant qu’elles assurent mes arrières que j’ai osé m’aventurer sur ce projet. Merci à Anaïs Kisasondi, à Camille Meunier-Sirven, à Rose Rapp, à Elodie Schwinn et à Laura Wieczorek.


Virginie Chabert s’associe également à nous grâce à Femmepreneurs. Virginie créé des produits qui aident les enfants à devenir plus responsables. L’un de nos posts les plus populaires sur le blog SoSooper était un tableau de responsabilités qui attribuait les taches de la maison aux enfants. Ludocatix remplace ces tableaux fait-maison par des beaux outils qui permettent aux parents de créer des routines positives avec leurs enfants.

Maman NYC à Paris

Mon premier jour chez Mona, avant de me mettre au travail, je me suis arrêté au café Maman qui se situe dans le coworking. J’ai été chaudement accueilli par Antoine et son équipe. Ils servent le café et le thé avec le sourire, et de nombreux délices salés et sucrés (sourire y compris aussi). Quoi de mieux pour garder nos collègues motivés toute la journée.  Qu’est ce un coworking sans un café ? Juste un espace…

My Little Paris

C’est l’équipe de My Little Paris qui nous accueil à Mona.  My Little Paris a démarré avec cinq femmes qui se sont associées pour dénicher des produits qui reflétaient le flair parisien. Elles les enveloppaient magnifiquement dans des “box” et les envoyaient aux mamans, aux papas et aux enfants…sur trois continents!  Avec My Little Paris, vous pouvez être un parent ET rester au top du chic.

Poke Bar

C’est grâce à nos enfants que j’ai rencontré Elodie Macquet. Également mère de garçons, Elodie est une entrepreneuse en série. Elle et sa voisine Isabelle ont ouvert Poke Bar en Mars, apportant le soleil d’Hawaï aux tables parisiennes. Leur restaurant, juste à côté de la place de l’Opéra, sert des bols poké, frais, sur place et à emporter. Nos garçons adolescents se sont régalés avec un repas, sain, léger ET nourrissant.

Ruth Naomi Floyd

Ruth et moi avons appris à nous connaître grâce à une erreur de ma part.  Elle a chanté du gospel mis en musique de jazz pour un événement que j’ai organisé … elle est arrivée à Paris un jour plus tôt que j’avais prévu ! Aucune chambre d’hôtel n’était disponible, elle est alors venue à la maison. Nous nous sommes réunis autour d’un dîner familiale (avec tout le bruit de 4 garçons à table).  Multi-talentueuse, Ruth est également photographe des beaux-arts et s’occupe avec compassion et respect de personnes affectées par le VIH.


Our children’s classmates stem from an entrepreneurial vibe!  It’s through our son that we met Katell Perrot just as she was launching TooFruit.  We tasted her enthusiasm as she introduced us to blueberry lotions and pineapple creams especially developed for children’s skin.  These organic potions deliciously cleanse and nourish kids from head to toe.

(Une Parenthèse Bougie)

Encore grâce à Femmepreneurs j’ai virtuellement rencontré Valérie Nicol. Noël c’est la saison des bougies et Valérie a choisi ses bougies pour leur côté magique qui s’adapte à toutes les humeurs. Quand j’ai mentionné le thème du calendrier, elle s’est exclamée: «J’ai pile ce qu’il faut ! C’est tout nouveau dans notre catalogue pour la saison ! ???? “

Villa Manon

Une autre rencontre grâce à nos enfants.  Mary Holmes Smith a participé à des ateliers Discipline Positive que je menais. Maintenant, c’est moi qui prend ses cours!  Je me rend régulièrement à son studio pour des cours de Pilates et de Yoga. Lorsque nous rentrons dans son atelier, un souffle de sérénité nous envahit, parfumé au gingembre et au citron. Il parait que cela favorise les étirements et le renfort musculaire.

Vincent Cassigneul

C’est un ancien camarade de classe de mon mari qui vit à Toulouse. La photographie est sa passion et en tant que père de quatre filles, il s’est entrainé sur de jolis mannequins. Lors d’une sortie en péniche sur la Seine j’ai été impressionnée par l’oeil vif que possède Vincent. Il reussi à capturer des moments dont nous ne profitons pas assez.  

Wine Contacts

J’ai rencontré Mary Kirk Bonnet grâce à nos fils respectifs. Franco-américaine, Mary détient le prestigieux titre de «Sommelier-Conseil». Elle a sublimé nos dîners avec des sélections de vignobles d’exception. Nos amis s’extasient toujours sur l’expérience chaleureuse et délicieuse que nous avons vécue au cours de la dégustation de vins entre amis chez nous.



Un grand merci à vous tous qui me faites confiance dans ce projet. Je remercie tout particulièrmement celles que je n’ai pas encore rencontré et qui ont, quand même, contribuées à l’aventure parce qu’ils sont passionnées et croient dans le sens de notre projet commun:

Joy. Peace. Love. @ Home


Enthousiasme. Passion. Cooperation. @ Work !

Joy. Peace. Love. @ Home et Enthousiasme. Passion. Cooperation. @ Work. 🙂 Click to Tweet


Cover Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

Child in front of Christmas presents

Co + Work for your Joy. Peace. Love. @ Home

How the seed of an idea took root and blossomed into a collaborative project for YOU.

Parisian entrepreneurs are offering parents 1000€ of gifts through an interactive, online Parents’ Advent Calendar.

(There is still time to sign up in English…ou en français)


It Began at Mona

When this free co-working space for women opened in November, I jumped at the opportunity to work with dynamic, feminine company.

A BIG thanks to the sponsors – My Little Paris, AXA Insurance, Estée Lauder, and Nike – who bring us this welcoming space from November 1 through December 31, 2017.

What can one do in a co-working space that one cannot be done at home all alone?

CO as well as WORK!

Five minutes into walking through the front door I introduced myself to the woman sitting at my table.  Well, really, she was happily sitting there first and I smilingly intruded, asking if I might join.  I set an objective to meet five new people every day and discovered passionate women engaged in fascinating projects.

What enticing project could I build to share my passion for strong families that stay connected even during the tantrums AND the disobedience AND the frustrations of daily life?

A “CO” project!

A Meaningful Purpose

As a parenting coach trained in Adlerian principles, I espouse the principles of belonging to and contributing to a community with a purpose larger than oneself.

Which purpose?

At this time of year, Christmas seemed obvious.  And yet French friends have lamented the commercialized spirit.

The underlying spirit of the season is Joy. Peace. Love. 

We parents raise the joy-bringer and peace-makers of tomorrow through the love they experience at home!

We are raising the joy-bringer and peace-makers of tomorrow! Click to Tweet

Voilà!  Joy. Peace. Love. @ Home


Stronger Together

Enthused by the idea, I discovered an amazing online interactive Advent Calender by  Check it out.  Their 15 day free trial allowed me to test the idea with potential collaborators.  Their service is top notch.  Tom invited me for a 30 minute Google Hangout personalized guide and Pedro answered my (numerous) queries efficiently and professionally.

Enthused by the purpose and the tool, 15 entrepreneurs joined in.

It is a delight to introduce them to you.  Today you meet the people.

(Every day of advent you’ll discover the gifts they each share.)

Denise Dampierre, founder of SoSooper

A bit about me:  As a Harvard MBA and the mother of 4 boys in 6 years, I’ll describe the early years of parenting as the energy-management business:  expend the boys’; conserve mine.  Now, we focus on making empowering memories and creating a family culture where everyone thrives.  My passion: to help raise the next generation of joy-filled, peace-making, and loving men and women.

Adrien Bracon, Coiffeur à Domicile

Adrien has styled my hair for decades.  Trained at Jean-Marc Manniatis, the Haute Coiffure, Adrien now brings his talent “chez vous.”  Phew! Instead of lugging four tots to the hairdresser and waiting out their turn, we could spend that time snuggling at home while Adrien styled the whole family.  He is so talented, I give him “carte blanche” on my head.

Alice Lamotte

Mothers of four children flock together, especially when we seek ways for families to THRIVE (vs. survive).  Alice and I met through Positive Discipline where we both sought training to build respect-filled and cooperative homes…first “chez nous” then beyond.  Alice abounds in energy.  She combines physical health with socio-emotional well-being in her Gym & Talk coaching.


Béatrice Cornet Vernet and I connected through Femmepreneurs, a network of women entrepreneurs in the west of Paris.  I fell in love with her Liberty fabric accessories.  Béatrice and I have not yet met face-to-face (!) AND she graciously agreed to join in our adventure even during this busy time of Christmas fairs every weekend.

Chantal Bourges

Chantal and I were roommates at an international Positive Discipline conference.  You get to appreciate someone when you see them with tousled-hair and sleepy-eyed.  The mother of FIVE children, Chantal sat on the board of the French and US Positive Discipline associations.  She coaches and trains parents and teachers locally and internationally.

Elli Photography

Elli Ioannou and I met at Mona.  As another Anglophone (Elli hails from Australia) she too felt at ease with the “CO” aspect of coworking.  She is established as a fashion photographer trained in analog photos.  That means, she catches the moment (think kids).  Elli got excited about our collaborative project; ”I choose to work with this community!”

English Dream Cakes

As a member of the Facebook group Anglopreneurs, I saw a post of ravishingly dreamily decorated cakes.  The post came and went.  The image remained.  And what a joy it has been to exchange with mother-daughter team Cheryl and Dew.  They combine genteel with professional.  Stir in creativity and cover with generosity.  All served with a delicious smile.


Amanda Wigby and I learned to appreciate each other through constructive feedback.  We challenged each other to overcome a discrepancy between our “Talk” (the services we provide) and our “Walk” (how we express our expertise in everyday life).  Authentic, open, and visionary, Amanda helps you and me replace “I should” behavior with acting on our personal priorities.

Light On

A group of students at ISCOM are helping me with the backstage of this project.  The correct my French, give feedback, do design work, stay active on social media, and cheer me on.  It’s thanks to knowing they are covering my back that I dared to venture on this project.  Thanks, to Anaïs Kisasondi, Camille Meunier-Sirven, Rose Rapp, Elodie Schwinn, and Laura Wieczorek.


Virginie Chabert also comes to us through Femmepreneurs.  Virginie creates products that help children grow in responsibility.  One of our most popular downloads on SoSooper was a chore chart for kids to want to help with chores.  Ludocatix replaces my cut-and-paste routine charts with positive-parenting-inspired tools that children and parents build together.

Maman NYC à Paris

I shared about my first day at Mona.  Before settling down to work, I paused at the Maman café located on the premises to be warmly greeted by Antoine and his team.  They smilingly serve coffee, tea, and especially yummy delights (both savory and sweet) to keep us coworkers energized during the day.  A coworking without coffee & cooking?  Just a space…

My Little Paris

It’s the My Little Paris team that greets us so warmly at Mona.  The company launched with five women teaming to sniff out trends and deals which reflect Parisian flair.  They wrapped these up beautifully in boxes, and send them out to moms, dads, and tots too…on three continents!  I love how My Little Paris makes it easy to remain chic when we parents have little energy and time to spare.

Poke Bar

Our children introduced me to Elodie Macquet.  Also a mother of boys, Elodie is a serial entrepreneur.  She and her neighbor Isabelle opened Poke Bar in March, bringing Hawaii sunshine to Parisian tables.  Their restaurant, just off place de l’Opéra, serves fresh poke bowls on the spot and to go.  Our teen boys delighted on their tasty, healthy, light, AND filling meal.

Ruth Naomi Floyd

Ruth and I came to know each other through my mistake.  In Paris to sing gospel lyrics set to jazz music for an event I organized…she arrived a day earlier than I expected!!  No room at the hotel, she came to our home and partook in our noisy, home-fare dinner.  Joy!  Multi-talented, Ruth is also a fine-arts photographer and compassionately cares for people affected by HIV and AIDS.


Our children’s classmates stem from an entrepreneurial vibe!  It’s through our son that we met Katell Perrot just as she was launching TooFruit.  We tasted her enthusiasm as she introduced us to blueberry lotions and pineapple creams especially developed for children’s skin.  These organic potions deliciously cleanse and nourish kids from head to toe.

(Une Parenthèse Bougie)

Femmepreneurs came through again to introduce Valérie Nicol…virtually.  ‘Tis the season of candlelight and Valérie specially selects her candles for mood magic.  When I mentioned the theme, she exclaimed, “I’ve got just the candle for the occasion.  It’s even new to the catalog ????”

Villa Manon

Another through-our-children meeting with Mary Holmes Smith.  She participated in a Positive Discipline class with other parents and we stayed connected.  Now I frequent her studio where she leads Pilates and yoga classes.  It’s a breathe of rejuvenation to enter her serene, ginger-lemon scented atelier for stretching and strengthening.

Vincent Cassigneul

A classmate of my husband living in Toulouse, Vincent and I meet at reunions.  Photography is his hobby and as the father of four girls, he’s had practice with models.  On a boat party recently, Vincent impressed me with his eye.  He captured moments that many of us miss.  While we focused on the obvious, Vincent sought out pearls. Thanks.

Wine Contacts

Our sons’ brought Mary Kirk Bonnet and I together.  A Franco-American, Mary holds the prestigious “Sommelier-Conseil” title.  She has graced our dinner parties with choice selections from favorite vineyards.  Our friends still rave about the insightful, warm, and delightful time we shared during the private wine-tasting Mary led in our home.  Thanks.


Thank You

A big thanks to all of you who trusted in me and in this project  and chose to work together.  And a special thanks to those I have not yet met who jumped in this collaborative effort because they have a passion and believe in our combined purpose:

Joy. Peace. Love. @ Home


Thrill. Passion. Cooperation. @ Work !

Joy. Peace. Love. @ Home and Thrill. Passion. Cooperation. @ Work. 🙂 Click to Tweet


Cover Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

smiling teenager with parents

10 Skills Teens Need to Succeed

When your child leaves home, replacing the school book bag with the briefcase, what skills do you want him to master?

French boys off to school

Probably reading, writing, and arithmetic.

Yet when we ask this question in our Positive Discipline parenting classes, moms and dads don’t even mention the 3R’s.  Parents focus directly on the Soft Skills like


Search for excellence.


Wise Decision-Making.

Where are the Teens with Skills to Thrive?

Employers agree these are the traits that lead to success.  They also lament that entry level students lack Soft-Skill-Savvy.

PayScale, the largest salary level database in the world, reports a major disconnect between what employers seek in their entry level students and what universities teach.  A whopping 50-55% of college graduates are either unemployed or underemployed!

The skills employers seek are the hardest to find as per the Employment Gap study by Millenial Branding & Experience, Inc.

Employable skills, where art thou?!

Students may have mastered Algebra and Molecular Biology, but they’re tottering in Teamwork and Self-Management.

Teens are concerned and so are their parents.  That’s why Harvard Business School alumni who are also parents listened in on Marie Schwartz, founder and CEO of TeenLife, as she presented the 10 Skills Teens Need to Succeed.  (The slide above is from her material)

Here is Schwartz’s list of Skills to Succeed:

  1. Drive/passion
  2. Independence/Self-Management
  3. Time-Management/Prioritization
  4. Interpersonal Skills
  5. Cultural Awareness
  6. Verbal & Written Communication
  7. Teamwork & Collaboration
  8. Critical Thinking/Problem-Solving
  9. Technical Know-How
  10. Grit/Determination


How will our children learn these skills to thrive?

The way you and I parent matters.

Even with the best intentions, we moms and dads can alienate our teens (and teach them to reject our values)…or we can connect with them and give ourselves a chance to keep training our kids in positive skills.

Our parental responses teach our kids.  What will they learn?

Teen lessons: “I better not get caught next time.” & “Am I REALLY capable?”


smiling teenager with parents
Teen lessons: “I am loved even when I’m not perfect.” & “I’ll do my best to be worthy of their trust.”


I don’t have time to teach these skills!

Too much on your plate already?

It’s not a matter of “adding to your plate.” Try doing some of the same tasks DIFFERENTLY.

Here’s an example (and one day I will write 5 ways to Teach Teen Skills without Taking more Time)

    1. Build Confidence through a Household Chore
      The children are needed and the family counts on them. “Darling, I NEED my table setter to do his job BEFORE the beans burn!”
    2. Teach Respect & Humility through another Household Chore (!)
      It’s hard to treat Mom like the maid when the kids vacuum too!
    3. Practice Teamwork through…a Family Team Clean!!! (on the SoSooper App)
      Intentionally develop a culture of collaboration. “Family helps family. It’s what we do.”
    4. Encourage Love of Excellence & Self-Evaluation by Inspecting the Household Chore
      “An O.K. job of cleaning the sink is when there are no pink toothpaste smudges. A super clean sink has shiny chrome.  What quality job have you done?”
    5. Instill Self-Management by kindly and firmly insisting on Household Chore…
      “Sweetheart, we said you may play with you friends WHEN the laundry is folded. How is the laundry now?  (in the dryer) Then you know what to do.”

    (You guessed that I believe in inviting the children to participate in household tasks.)

    Transmitting life skills to kids requires parent passion and grit more than it requires money or even time.

    Transmitting life skills to kids requires parent passion and grit more than money or even time. Click to Tweet

    Where and how to start?

    That’s where parent coaching can come in handy

    • To identify the family-helping tasks that truly make life easier for the parents AND are age-appropriate for the kids
    • To share ways to on-board the children so that they feel engaged and want to participate
    • To get YOUR reminders remember to follow through the children
    • To learn tools to present your requests so that children listen
    • To follow through effectively and avoiding power struggles

    Drop us a line

    [contact-form to=”” subject=”Tell me more about SoSooper parent coaching”][contact-field label=”Name” type=”name” required=”1″][contact-field label=”Email” type=”email” required=”1″][contact-field label=”Want help building these skills in your kids? Tell us more.” type=”textarea”][/contact-form]

Happy New Year tiara for girl

The Family Feedback with little children

How much can your young child tell you about YOUR job as a parent?

Quite a lot.

By listening you share encouraging words for your kids.

The Family Feedback with tots

The Family Feedback is ONE GREAT FAMILY TIME where kids give feedback to parents. They start with the good stuff 🙂 and move onto deeper discussion.  Read more here.

For very young kids, we stick to sharing family highlights.  

You want your kids to associate “family” with “fun”?  Then ask them to tell you about a fun time with Mom or Dad.  This strengthens the neural messaging in their brains so that they can more easily access memories of great times as a family.

Our brain is amazing…and malleable.

Ask, “Tell me about a time you felt really happy with us.”

“When we played ball together.”

Help your child fully recall with the experience through specific and factual questions.

“What color was our ball?” “Was it before or after lunch?” “Who else was playing with us?”

Then gently probe for what generated the positive emotions.

“What was soooooo great?” “Which part made you feel the most special?”  “What did you do to show you were happy?”

Thank your child.  

“Your telling me when you were happy makes me very happy too.  Thanks, Darling.”

We tried it & loved it

Here’s what one mother shared after a SoSooper workshop where she and her three year old daughter enjoyed such a conversation:

“My daughter was probably a little bit young (only 3) and I think was struggling to really engage with the activities. However, even though she dealt with it on her level, I think she still got a lot out of the experience – and found it nice that it was a time where mummy was ready to listen to her and find out what she found fun and loving about being in our family.

This workshop reminded me that we do all right as a family (eating together, playing together, respecting each other). As I’m sure you know only too well – it’s a tricky job, mummying, and can seem very unrewarding sometimes. If I were a business, (actually I’m a secondary school teacher) I wouldn’t put up with clients who were so demanding and so seemingly ungrateful for all my efforts. I think what you’re doing is so important – just like in any job, you have training for that ‘shot in the arm’ of enthusiasm and clarity to do your job better every day. Parents need that more than anyone!”

Free downloadDownload Free Tools

SoSooper prepared some worksheets for you:

  • to prepare
  • to succeed
  • to remember

Click here to get your free downloads.

Cover photo by Jerry Kiesewetter on Unsplash