“Good” parents don’t need tips or tools. True or False?

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A friend asked a great question:  “Why should parents need help?  Aren’t we (moms and dads) supposed to know….and if we get help does that mean we messed up along the way?”

Let’s take a step back.

Fresh Parenting Perspective

Have you ever stood VERY CLOSE to a tree, like with your nose touching the bark, and SIMULTANEOUSLY admired the forest?  Probably not.

When we have our nose to the grindstone (le nez dans le guidon) it is like a camera with a high zoooom lens.  We see details of the specifics in front of us and lose sight of the big picture.

Step back from the tree bark…to get a glimpse of the forest and your destination.

And have you noticed how pain acts in a similar fashion?

Time is short.  We want relief NOW.  No waiting. 

I love how the 17th century gambler, Chevalier de Méré, puts it, “Il n’est pas bon d’être malheureux mais il est bon de l’avoir été.” (“It is not good to be sad, but it is good to have been.”)

tree bark close up

Happy sad finger faces

path through forest

In at least one way parenting and gambling are similar:  the HIGHs can be extraordinary and the LOWs can be extraordinarily discouraging.

And in those moments of doubt, a helping hand….helps.

Parents’ Helping Hand

That’s the SOSOOPER goal.  To enable parents to take a step back and to regain hope and courage to persist, even to thrive.

We designed online workshops to give parents and their children opportunities to over challenges together.

Many parenting experts encourage (instruct) moms and dads to take time off.  But how?  When?

An event with an outside person facilitates the process.  SoSooper workshops revisit sensitive issues from a fun and fresh perspective.  The focus is on solutions, not on blame…therefore not on the pain that family members suffer.  The online workshops help turn subjects of tension into opportunities of learning.

Of course parents can do this on their own too.  And yet, realizing the need to step back AND committing to doing so requires a change of posture.  That’s tough.  An outside catalyst, such as a person, an event, an activity, helps change happen more smoothly.

I believe parents are leaders.  It is a common professional practice to organize leadership seminars and team building events.  Consider the SoSooper workshops to be just that:  your family team brainstorming bonanza.

The goal of these guided discussions is to strengthen the relationship within YOUR super family. 

Family meeting. Parents with kids.

Family meeting having fun. Parents with children.

We present a fresh perspective SO THAT YOUR family can benefit by exploring it together.  

We pose questions you might not have thought to ask.

That’s normal; you have been managing the busy daily routine.  The answers to the questions you explored remain for you.  The process of mutual exploration is for you.  The thrill of discovery of each other is for you.  The memory of creating solutions together is for you.  The ease of life that comes from your personalized solutions is for YOU.

Hope this answers your questions.  We love hearing them so keep on asking.