Family Feedback from Kids

Do you know what your kids LOVE about your family?  When did you last ask and really listen?

How about the ONE THING that would hugely improve family life for them?

We often get their feedback through passing comments like:

“Thanks for the cookie.” ¬†(aaah!)

“Brush teeth? ¬†I did it….yesterday.” ¬†(huh?)

“Dad, you just don’t get it.” ¬†(ouch…)

These tidbits contribute to your¬†relationship in tiny bits. ¬†Kids’ Family Feedback¬†creates the time and the conditions for positive give and take.

Parents will learn

  • ONE GREAT BEHAVIOR: ¬†what each child thinks you¬†do well and wants you to keep doing
  • ONE BEHAVIOR TO TWEAK: what bothers them, why that is important, and what they wish would happen instead

Kids THRIVE on being heard. ¬†They get center stage with a mission to make family be its best. ¬†It’s a responsibility. ¬†The SOSOOPER online seminar helps them live up to it and coaches them in giving¬†feeback respectfully and positively.

What you gain

  • Proof¬†that kids know your weaknesses¬†AND¬†love you still
  • Clarification of the life-skills your kids want you to model for them. ¬†Phew. ¬†You need not be perfect everywhere simultaneously!
  • Increased trust as children hear you listen attentively.
  • Practical solutions to family challenges
  • Great memories that Home is indeed Sweet Home

What is it?

It‚Äôs ¬Ĺ hour of time well spent.¬† Transform weeks of nagging about school work into succinct responsibility-building reminders to help kids be motivated to do their best.

With whom? How?  When? How much?

Our online seminars are for parents AND their children.  These facilitated family discussions are led by Denise Dampierre, founder and CEO of SoSooper Families.

  • Join a group online seminar. See our Calendar for upcoming dates.¬† Participation is $20 per family.
  • Schedule an online seminar just for your family. Send your request and date preferences.¬† We‚Äôll work it out.¬† Personalized seminars run $40 per ¬Ĺ hour.

Sign up for our Family Feedback from Kids online seminar to help family grow and thrive.