New Year Opportunities ahoy

How to make a New Year’s Resolution you WANT to keep all year long?


Do you know?

  • People are more likely to keep a resolution made at New Year than at other times of the year
  • Resolutions that stick are those that come from the mind, the heart, and the gut


The time is NOW for a simple AND deep activity to create a meaningful, do-able, and helpful New Year’s Resolution.   That’s what this series of short videos does for you.

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Why New Year’s Resolutions Don’t Stick

Here are two reasons for the numerous well-intentioned yet short-lived resolutions

Founded on our Mis-Conceptions, not our Reality

You and I and every human being finds it easier to identify the speck in our friend’s eye than to notice the beam in our own.  We are not great mirrors of ourselves.  We are taught to move forward, to be active, to make progress…and not necessarily to pause, step back, and assess our situation.

self misconception

Many of our resolutions are set from where we hope our life really is.  Oh-oh.  That gap is no fun to admit or review. 

From the Head, not the Heart

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” – Ben Franklin

If your alarm goes off at 5:00 am, your mind tells your body that’s it’s time to get up.  Your body wants to forget.

On the other hand, when your sick child coughs with choking sounds at any time of the night, you are likely to bounce out of bed.  Your heart is involved.  And that generates ACTION.

It’s easy to make (very positive) resolutions centered on our behaviors – our eating style, our exercise habits, our listening practices… These are often intelligent and helpful thoughts.  We are proposing a process that involves your mind, heart, and gut to come up with a resolution that really fits and helps YOU.

Setting a New Year’s Resolution that Sticks: The Pizza Plan

The Pizza Plan introduces a simple process for engaging your intellect, your emotions, and your gut reactions into creating a resolution that fits your life now and helps you grow as you desire.

It involves 4 simple actions steps.  There is a short video for each.

  • Identify the facets of your life that are most important to you NOW
  • Identify your satisfaction level in each of these
  • Observe your gut reaction and understand the corresponding emotional signals
  • Focus on a constructive belief to reinforce for the upcoming season

Try it for free and benefit from your resolution all year long.

New Years Resolutions that stick

Videos – Make New Year’s Resolutions that Stick

Create your meaningful, do-able, helpful New Year’s Resolution!


This video series builds on the New Year’s Resolution article you can find here.


New Years Resolutions that stick

Before starting the activity, click here to download your pizza shape with slices prepared.  Print and fill it in as you proceed.


Click on the videos below to create a New Year’s Resolution that helps you thrive all year long.