Managing toxic boss during remote work

How to manage a toxic boss during remote work?

Challenging (Toxic) Boss Management

If you have a boss who does not know how to connect when you worked together face-to-face, then you are in for One. Long. Challenge. when you work remote.

Take heart.  YOU can do something about it.

YOUR actions matter.

You may have heard of constructive communication tools or emotional intelligence skills.  Hummm…

We read about them on a blog post and they sound good, yet unrelated to every day life.  It’s like hearing about all the wonderful things we could do outdoors…when we are stuck inside.  Did you put those ideas aside for another day?

Then again, you may have wondered about these tools to create connection; they seem counter-intuitive.  Can you find proof of success before trying them out yourself at work?!

That’s why I created a low-stakes and fun way for you to practice emotional intelligence skills to constructively manage your challening/toxic boss.

Practice Managing Your Boss

Studies repeatedly show that we learn by doing.

That’s why I created an opportunity for you

  1. To act
  2. To be safe from reprecussions
  3. To gain fresh perspectives

And it takes three minutes twice a week.

Help Jade Manage her Toxic Boss during Confinement

Meet Jade French, the finance manager at French Fool and Co.  YOU get to help Jade manager her toxic boss during confinement.

The Calamities of Jade is an interactive cartoon which depicts Jade facing various professional quandries, especially challenges related to remote work.

Managing Toxic Boss

Toxic might be a strong word to describe her boss, nevertheless, he clearly lacks in personal relations skills, so much so that her demotivation follows the corona virus curve.  She’s sick with frustration and it grows exponentially.

Who is Jade French?

Like many of us, she is a highly competent professional who nonetheless questions her own abilities!  She’s a jade and would like to shine bright like a diamond.  She often compares herself to this idea, which only bruises her confidence even more.

Her boss, Jean-Louis de Higgins, unwittingly yet nonetheless very effectively, zaps her motivation.  He does not realize his lack of people skills and believes that “what got him here will take him there.”  He tells himself that his stoic behavior and hierarchical demeanor were and remain his keys to success.

His lack of emotional intelligence might have been tolerable in a conventional work environment.  But with Covid-19, that mindset is dépassé, even destructive.

Help Jade bring Jean-Louis and the rest of their team into the age of effective teamwork and smooth collaboration in the office and with remote work.


On Mondays and Thursdays during confinement, I post the latest episode of the Calamities of Jade on the community #SafePlaceToTalkAboutWork.  These are short videos detailing her situation, mindset, and choices.

YOU select what she will do next!

You give her suggestions for how to handle situations.  You vote on action steps.

And the next episode will feature one of these choices and how it pans out at work.

Vote to Help Jade Manage Her Boss

Here are the first three episodes.  Please join in the adventure and go vote!

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