Today’s Gifts (there are TWO) on the Joy. Peace. Love. @ Home advent calendar for parents

Gift 1

“Stop Repeating Yourself” Family Workshop
from SoSooper

Too often parents lament the need to repeat.  Once more.  Again.  HELLO, I AM TALKING TO YOU.

And it’s amazing how a something as simple as brushing teeth, putting on shoes, or doing homework escalates into power struggles.

We parents get caught off guard.  How did that happen?

How to stop it?!

Our gift today allows you to AVOID these tensions.  And we do it through family fun and positive reconnection.

During a Saturday afternoon outing, parents and kids learn to listen to each other while having fun.  Kids dress up as parents and everyone discovers the other’s perspective.

Aha!  Check out the parents’ faces!

Parents hearing kids mimick them
Oops. Is that what we sound like to the kids?

We transform the new insights into positive ways of communicating which make the other person WANT to listen and connect.

Workshops are led by Denise Dampierre, founder of SoSooper, the mother of four boys, a Harvard MBA, and a parent coach in Positive Discipline and Appreciative Inquiry.

Get a glimpse of a past workshop here and enjoy the delightful conversations shared here.

SoSooper holds family workshops every month.  Sign up to find out about the upcoming events.


Gift 2

1 hr “Breathing Space & Time-to-Think” coaching for busy mothers
with Amanda Wilby from Feminicity

Amanda Wigby (L) from Feminicity

Does “maxed out” or “overloaded” describe how you feel?

It’s hard to listen to your children when you can barely listen to your own body or spirit.

Feminicity helps empower over-busy women to

  • become mistress of their work load,
  • create crystal clarity on who they are, what they want and
  • develop confidence, gravitas and purpose
  • create a new level of clarity, fulfillment, peace and performance in their life

During this one hour coaching with Amanda you’ll have someone listen to you…and to help you listen to yourself.

When you experience the power of being heard, you’ll want to share that with your child.

When you experience the freedom of being heard, you’ll want to practice those enlightening tools at home too.


Parenting Tip to Encourage Listening

One of the best ways to encourage others to listen to us…is to listen to them!  But what if kids aren’t responsive and conversations seem one-sided?

Parent: “How was your day?

Child: “Fine.”

Parent: “What did you have for lunch?

Child: “Food.”

Parent: “Who did you play with at recess?

Child: “Friends.”

Frustrating.  It can change.  One of the first homework exercises we give our parents in Positive Discipline classes is to observe their child for five minutes.  NO “A PRIORI.”

In other words, stop trying so hard.

Watch…and learn about your kids.

What do they focus on?  For how long?  Notice their body language.  How do they handle difficulty?

As we parents pause and step back, we realize how many times we observe AND comment.  It can sound like correction.

Why are you doing that?

Why stop now?  You’re not finished.

Don’t slouch!” (or chew with your mouth open, or wipe your nose, or…)

With this five minute exercise you’ll rediscover your child…and he will connect with YOU!

Child:    “Why are YOU doing that?

Parent: “To admire you, darling.  To marvel at your uniqueness.  To learn about you and from you.


Who would have thought that better listening comes with using our eyes?!


Thank You

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