TGIS – Second Chance !

Last week I began a new type of newsletter: TGIF – Trusting, Grateful, Inspired, & Fun

Well, I had hoped to send you this note on Friday…and missed.  So this is a TGIS. “S” can stand for any and all of these

  • Saturday
  • Second chance
  • Strategize

I could use all of these this week.  And here is how the Trusting, Grateful, & Inspiration went for me.  Would love to hear from you too!

Trust the Process

In the previous TGIF, I mentioned some decision-making regarding my professional life.  I initiated some changes…and the results are not yet in.  It’s called work-in-process. I am trusting in the process.

Trust the process” is a phrase my colleagues and I fling around, maybe too easily.

We get butterflies in our tummies (!) before leading a workshop for executives and encourage each other with, “Trust the process.”

We lead a training using interactive exercises designed to build self-awareness and the group does not respond as expected.  “Trust the process,” we tell ourselves.

(Click here to learn more about these exciting workshops.)

Now I am in the middle of this process: I did my part and I am waiting for responses.

It is not a comfortable place to be!  I realize that trusting the process implies

  • Respecting other people and their timing
  • Focusing on my growth and what I can
  • Enjoying the moment

Grateful for Bugs

The sun has been shining in Paris.  After our loooooong wintry season of indirect light, I am grateful for the thousands of shades of greens and reds and whites and ….

We have tall poppies in our garden that just burst into bloom and I am grateful for the bees and bugs that, in great discretion, contribute to the world you and I know.  It is only recently that I have really come to appreciate these critters.  My husbands keeps them so bee habits and care have become table conversation.  I now realize how much we depend upon them for our fruits, vegetables, and plant regeneration…and honey 🙂 !

Inspired by Wise Elders

When we went visiting ancient ruins, my boys used to remark, “More old stones?!”  Well, today, I am inspired by “old men,” wise leaders from the 20th century.

I was researching about innovation and speeding up the learning process and came across quotations from Henry Ford, Thomas Watson, and Thomas Edison.  They have an uncanny resemblance to Lean Management tips we could hear from Millennials!

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” ~ Thomas Edison

“Failure provides the opportunity to begin again, more intelligently.” ~ Henry Ford

“The fastest way to succeed is to double your failure rate.” ~ Thomas Watson Sr.

Fun, Where Art Thou?

Fun has been a challenge this week.  It has been easy to let myself get absorbed by work.

One of the ways I maintain a spark of fun in my life no matter what the circumstances is through color.  My computer is orange.  So is my purse.  My boots are red.  So is my lipstick.

Elisabeth Moreno, CEO Lenovo France

I wrote about my orange computer 🙂 in this interview with Elisabeth Moreno, previously the CEO of Lenovo France and now leading HP in Africa.  She is a remarkable woman and it was a privilege to learn from her.  Yes, working on this interview was fun!

This TGIF reminds me to regularly infuse my life with fun.  Hope you do that too.

Wishing YOU a great rest of a wonderful weekend and week coming up.

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