Thank YOU, faithful Home Is Fun readers, for having helped me grow.

I now coach parents (individually, in groups, and via the Internet) using an approach called Positive Discipline and even lead workshops in the professional realm.  The name, Home Is Fun, just does not cut it in the office, so we’re changing.

logov2_smWelcome to SoSooper.  We turn bloopers into opportunities for super relationships.

SoSooper provides effective tools for parents to overcome challenging situations with solutions that are simultaneously firm and kind.

You can now find your parenting tips on SoSooper…and with a French friend and younger mom, we are launching the site in French!

Be a Product Tester

I have joined a start-up incubator, the Founders Institute, to move from dream stage into tangible and downloadable products.

Would you like to test them out or to find out more?  Send us a message below.

We added your name to the SoSooper newsletter list.  Look out for our messages in your inbox.  And please pass them on!

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