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Check out these entrepreneurial tykes who seek fun, yum, and mon(ey)!

Their focus is on getting more.

Do you and I as parents focus on getting less?

  • Fewer whines
  • Less back-talk
  • A stop to endless repetitions
  • No more fighting
  • Good-bye to morning rush
  • Cut out the bedtime troubles
  • ….

Humm, how much fun, yum, and “mon” would those entrepreneurial tykes gain by focusing on cost-cutting?  It’s probably not a winning strategy.

And yet, we parents do just that many days.  We find ourselves policing the children.   Don’t do this.  Stop with that.  And it’s no fun.

Besides, fixing what’s broken is not the end goal.

We change the car’s flat tire…so that we can drive the vehicle!

We nurse the booboo to help it heal…and even more to run, play and live life fully.

No tears is O.K.  Laughter is exhilarating!

More than zero problems, we crave maximum joy, increasing harmony, growing wisdom…

This is the SoSooper objective:  to help our children gain life skills and qualities and make a live and a living.

Crying boy

Playing boys making hummongous bubbles

Here’s what it sounded like in our home when speaking with our teen son, a senior in high school with many questions about his future and as many hesitations about getting to work.

“Mom, it’s like this.  One day I’m going to have a job, get married, move out of here and into my own place, have a job, get married, and probably be a dad.  I’m going to have RESPONSIBILITIES.” 

“Well, son, that could be a drag or it could be exciting.”

“YEAH!…” he answered sounding worried.

“That’s why your dad and I are trying to teach you the qualities to help you thrive with responsibility.  Stuff like

  • Curiosity
  • Teamwork
  • Sense of humor
  • Generosity
  • Love of excellence
  • Self-motivation
  • Resilience
  • Perseverance

What else are we trying to teach?”

“Table manners,” he quips.  (The topic of some hefty exchanges over dinner last night)

“Yes!  Social skills.  How attractive is that young woman going to find you when you spit food out of your overstuffed mouth over dinner?!”

This is our SoSooper objective:  to fill our kid’s backpacks with the life skills and qualities to help our children make a living and a life.

If you have done back-to-school shopping, you know this filling with tangible goods takes time.  First make the list.  Check it twice (thrice….).  Get what you can at one store.  Go the extra miles to find purple paper (or some other far-out-yet-required item).  And that’s just for starters !

Intangible qualities don’t sprout overnight either.

Think about thriving professional organizations that you know.  They have a vision AND an action plan to make it happen.  Each of our families is an entity—a service organization—and our best chances of success come when we set a focus and follow through with a plan.

Sounds like work?  Well, it is a vocation.  Join the high calling of mothers and fathers! 

So Sooper helps make your parenting easier, more fun, AND most effective so that all the family benefits.

There is no one set recipe for super families. (That’s why the name So Sooper.  Perfectly imperfect AND Awesome).   Your family culture will be unique to you.

What will be your unique focus?  Try these fun ways to get your family vision crystal clear.  (If that vision is fuzzy for you, imagine what it’s like for the kids!!)

  • Family GPS
  • Family Grooves
  • What’s your Star Parent Style?


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