Vacation = more fun 🙂
Vacation = more cooking, cleaning…and chores!

When Mom & Dad do ALL the chores, vacation can feel like work.
When the WHOLE family (and guests too) share, vacation feels like play 🙂

Create your family’s printable chore chart.

Turn a challenge into an loving opportunity. The kids love you. Let them know you feel loved when they help with chores at home. They will feel needed and valued. Everyone wins.

And there is more time to play…for EVERYONE.

[bctt tweet=”With our vacation chore chart, EVERYONE helps.  Work faster.  Play sooner and longer…for EVERYONE!”]

“Yipee! Vacation for Everyone” is mind-bogglingly effective.

Parents invest 10 minutes now to clarilfy expectations and allow children to choose their jobs. Mom & Dad benefit from daily help for chores from kids all vacation long.

Gets parents and kids smiling.

Who would have thought printable chore charts could be so exciting!  A fair and clear system for sharing household chores is appreciated because children are smart (especially yours!)

  • They know when one person does all the work, the situation is not fair.  And they don’t like it when life is not fair on them either.
  • They feel involved and important when they have a role to play.  “I’m needed.”
  • The “challenging work” of convincing kids to help out has been done.  They got to choose so it did not even feel like work for them 🙂 Follow up is easy.  “Oh, yeah!  MY job for today…”  If the children need a reminder, consider asking, “Who sets the table today?”
  • The children will feel even more involved when you delegate follow up to them.  It’s easy to know who does what on this printable chore chart.  Your helper will know who’s up for what job.  “JOOOEY.  YOUR TURN” sounds like police from mom & dad’s mouth.  From a fellow cohort, it sounds reasonable and even responsible!

Printable Chore Chart – Easy Peezy & Customizable

  1. Download the printable chore chart.  We’ve called it “Vacation for Everyone”
  2. Invite the kids to gather around you
    You can assure them it will only take 15 minutes.  (Let them put the timer on.)

We love the Vacation for Everyone Printable Chore Chart!

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[av_testimonial_single src=” name=’Jeanette’ subtitle=’’Lil ones taught Big ones how to do chores’ link=’http://’ linktext=”]
Thanks SOOOO much for this.  We used it over the summer holidays when 16 people were at home:  my in-laws, my husband’s grown nephews, our four young girls …  It was a mix of ages, cultures, expectations, you name it.

I organized folk in teams of two.  Our eldest daughter was paired up with her 24 year-old cousin.  She taught him how to set the table!

My husband was surprised to be put to work…and to be reminded to “do your job” by his daughter!

And I laughed and (almost…we were soooo many) relaxed.
[av_testimonial_single src=” name=’Hugo’ subtitle=’Thought of you all vacation…and it was good’ link=” linktext=”]
Hi Denise,

Remember me?  I’m your son’s friend.  My parents did your thing for the jobs on vacation and I thought of you!  Really, it got them off my back.  It was normal to help out…a bit.  We each took turns.  It felt fair. Good idea.

Hope you had a good vacation too.  See you soon.
[av_testimonial_single src=” name=’Rayan’ subtitle=’I learned from the pictures’ link=” linktext=”]
Hi.  I like the pictures.  They taught me how to set the table so that I do a good job.  My mom did not tell me how to set the table but showed me the pictures.  Then she had me look at the table I set and compare it to the pictures.  Oops.  I learned how to do a job well.  Thanks.

P.S. My mom helped write this.
[av_testimonial_single src=” name=’Diane’ subtitle=’I’m teaching this to my parents’ link=” linktext=”]
Hi.  I babysat a family with this job chart thing.  It was so smooth and each kid knew what to do.  I took a picture and showed it to my parents and brother and sister.  We set up something like it at home.  I was tired of being asked to interupt whatever I was doing to help because one of the others was not willing to help out.  Now we know who does what.  And when it’s our turn, then it’s OK to help.  It’s normal even.

Thanks.  This got my parents off our backs and everyone helping out…happily.